Aug 08, 2022 Transparent

As the Season 19 sign-ups are now open, we are looking for volunteers to step forward to help run the League.

The roles we are looking for volunteers in are as follows:

Content Volunteers: 

If you’re someone who can look deep into the stats or highlight key upcoming matches, we want to give you a platform to spread your craft!  Either through videos, shorts or written blog posts, we would love to have you on board!  Even if you only want to do a one-time post for the breakdown of a season, we want to read it!

Social Media Volunteers

Fun fact: Heroes Lounge has a Twitter AND a YouTube page!  If you’re someone who is always on the pulse, both in and outside of the Heroes Lounge sphere, we would be grateful to have you manage our social media accounts!  We try our best with Twitter at the moment, but we haven’t quite got the magic touch - have you?

Stream Team Members

The Stream team is all about maintaining how we in Heroes Lounge can help the casters.  To help keep it fresh and in-tune with who is casting, we are looking for volunteers to fill the roles of some who have stepped down. The day-to-day is often posting and organising the Stream announcements, but you also get to work on the projects and events Heroes Lounge is running.


Heroes Lounge always needs new Moderators!  If you want to get involved with general organisation, have some ideas on how to improve the league and want to gain further understanding of the league, or if you have experience with calming down unruly discord users, being a Heroes Lounge Moderator might just be the role for you! 

If any of these appeal to you please do go our discord under #i-want-to-volunteer


Heroes Lounge Statement on Blizzard Announcement

Jul 08, 2022 Poppinfresh Amateur League Announcement Heroes News Inside Lounge
We are disappointed by the latest news released by Blizzard regarding the future of Heroes of the Storm.


Athena Championships sign ups are open!

Sep 01, 2022 Transparent Amateur League Announcement Athena Championship EU Event
We are opening up the Athena Championships for the fourth time!