How to upload replays to Heroes Profile 

You have two ways to upload replays to heroes profile. 

Your replay files should be in here: 

C:\Users\{YourUser}\Documents\Heroes of the Storm\Accounts\{Numbers}\{one of the folders}\Replays\Multiplayer

~/Library/Application\ Support/Blizzard/Heroes\ of\ the\ Storm/Accounts/random number/98-Hero-1-randomnumber/Replays/Unsaved/Multiplayer/

Web Uploader 

  • Visit  {}.
  • On the right site click either on {select replays} or {select directory} 
  • Select your replay files.
  • Done. (It‘s just that easy)

Replay Uploader

It is recommended to activate the {start with windows} option to make sure replays are always uploaded.