Meet the Heroes Lounge team of volunteers, supporting the Heroes of the Storm amateur scene from all over Europe

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    Cosmic - Founder & CEO

    27, Swiss/British. I am the founder of Heroes Lounge. I am also the owner of Barcraft Zurich, organising public viewings for esports events. Although professionally a data scientist, I have always been a huge fan of esports, particularly with Blizzard games, with my first love being for SC2. Building Heroes Lounge from the ground up has been an incredible experience, and I am proud to be part of such an awesome community.

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    TinyOwl - Adminstrative Manager

    27, Dutch. I am Administrative Manager for Heroes Lounge and help out with our organisation and communication. I first played HotS during a LAN at my place with some friends, we loved it, so I signed us up for Heroes Lounge.. During the day I am a business/IT advisor.

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    Robb - Competition Manager

    33 year old IT professional from the UK, originally got involved in eSports with Jedi Academy way back in 2004. Now organises stuff for Heroes Lounge, which roughly translates to making sure everyone else gets their work done. Blogger, Caster, Mod plus a bunch of other stuff that I have no time to do. Kinda bummed out to discover TinyOwl was not in fact, a tiny owl.

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    Quietman - Content Manager

    31, British. I'm an aspiring graphic designer, motion graphics artist and video editor who serves as the Content Manager for Heroes Lounge. I've been been a Blizzard fan since forever, and a Heroes of the Storm fan since the Alpha. HotS was also the first eSport I ever really watched seriously and, in doing so, felt inspired to help grow that community at a grassroots level!

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    Heartless - Head of Casting

    32, Israel (currently living in Bulgaria). I first got into eSports when StarCraft: Brood-War came out, which I got pretty competitive in and was part of a local group of players that arranged local tournaments (that was back in 1999). First time I heard about Heroes Lounge was through a reddit post made by cosmic back in 2016 where he introduced Heroes Lounge to the world. I immediately fell in love with the idea and wanted to help, more specifically as a caster and after talking to Cosmic a bit, I got accepted and started my journey in Heroes Lounge and now I am head of casters, whose main job is to make sure our beloved teams get cast. It will never cease to amaze me what a group of volunteers can do with a little bit of time, and a lot passion!

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    ZalzDecay - Lead Website Developer

    22 year old German, I love Blizzard games since the original Starcraft. I joined Heroes Lounge in Season 2 and picked up working on our website shortly afterwards. In real life, I study computer science.

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    Pittor - Senior Community Support

    My name is Petter ”Pittor” Ljung and I’m 25 years old from Sweden. I’ve been playing computer games for as long as I can remembered and I’ve fell in love with esports and HotS the last few years. I’ve been playing in Heroes Lounge since season 1 and the best part here is our awesome community.

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    TyphoonHawk - Playoff Admin & Community Support

    25, German. During the Seasons I am community support and irregular CoCaster which is how I first got involved with Heroes Lounge. Since Season 3 I also help Robb organise the playoffs. I am following eSports since the release of StarCraft 2 in 2010 and got involved with organizing tournaments myself in 2015. Member of the Church of Rehgar trough highs, lows and bugged feral lunges.

  • Astraeus - Bot Developer & Community Support

    Hiya, Astraeus here! I'm a 22 year old student from the Netherlands. Been a fan of e-sports since Starcraft II Wings of Liberty, now enjoy spending my free time on HotS, working "hard" to get to masters. My staff duties involve assisting you in our Heroes Lounge discord and adding the freshest community memes to the discord chat bot as well as other requested features.

  • Carvisjocker - Community Support

    27 year old from the dark Swedish countryside, russian post punk enthusiast´and chef. Community Support in the Lounge, helping people with their day to day problems. Heroes of the Storm is my first competitive game since the days of Jedi Knight 2 Outcast. Been playing in the Lounge since season one that rekindled my love for the game.

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    Ruini - Community Support

    20, Dutch. I am one of the moderators of Heroes Lounge supporting the community. Besides making people play nice in the discord I am in charge of maintaining the bans on heroes, talents and other interactions. I have been playing MOBAs for at least 5 years but last year I fell in love with Heroes when I just wanted try how Zarya would play in a MOBA (Zarya main btw). Soon after I joined Lounge and got massively involved with the community and its memes.

  • Undead - Community Support

    20, living in Norway. I am a moderator of Heroes Lounge, which means I make sure rules are followed, helping teams/players if they have a question and helping with the organisation. I joined this Lounge thanks to some friends that wanted me to sub for their team and since have been part of this community.

  • Reynaerdus - Community Support

    21 year old student from belgium that likes to play videogames in his free time, and during his non-free time too. I do community support for the Lounge, herding the plebs as I go.

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    Narsha - Social Media

    32, your friendly neighbourhood latino was imported to Norway in the mid-eighties, and has since had gaming since both work and hobby. In addition to his work as a hypecaster and host he is Social Media Manager for the Lounge, and does PR and communication. His mom is very proud.

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    Epixors - Consultant

    20, Dutch, I got involved with Heroes Lounge near the end of Season 1 to develop a new website. After developing and maintaining the website for a few Seasons, as well as taking care of our divisions, I stepped down as an active Staff member. Now I rig from the shadows.

  • MacDino - Consultant

    I am 31 years old from Germany. I started with Heroes Lounge in the beginning in Season 1 as Free Agent. Around the same time i did some streaming on twitch and loved the idea to stream the Lounge matches. Therefore I started organizing the streams and the streamers and by doing so, got involved in the organisation of Heroes Lounge. My main responsibilities have been Casting, the Twitch Stream, the Youtube Channel and the VIP system I setup. Nowadays I had to take a step back due to other responsibilities.

  • Kandera - Consultant

    28 year old IT developer, living in Germany. Gaming since I can remember, starting on the good old NES. Got my first eSport experience with Warcraft III and never stopped playing competetive online games since then. Currently trying to help people playing and enjoying Heroes Lounge. I feel pitty for the enslaved Sloths of Slothville and demand their freedom #FreedomForSlothville.