Whether you are a veteran of Heroes Lounge or a fresh meat starting on your adventure, there's always one truth: Jon Snow knows nothing. Here we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our community and hopefully be able to address some of the burning questions you have.


Discord is a text and voice application that allows us to be able to communicate announcements and important information, as well as players to be able to chat with each other. It’s a fun, and informative place to go to discuss everything related to Heroes Lounge, as well as Heroes of the Storm. It's also extremely useful for getting in touch with your opponents. We recommend everyone be available on our Discord server at least during their match.

Please PM one of our mods on our Discord your email address and we will activate it for you.

We are continuously adding new features to the website, so from time to time, you may encounter a bug. If that is the case, tell us in the #support_desk channel in our Discord so we can take care of it! Check the pins in that channel on how to report your issue.

Our current schedule for the current season as well as upcoming seasons can be found here.

Awesome! Volunteers are what Heroes Lounge thrives on, and we are always looking for help. Perhaps you have website development skills, are great at writing about eSports, have a knack for graphics or keeping pesky community members in check. Send a message to one of our mods on our Discord, and we’ll see if there is a place for you.

You have no time, but want still to contribute? There are several options to support Heroes Lounge:

  • You can send us donations through our Twitch channel
  • You can support us on Twitch as subscriber to the Twitch channel
  • You can support us on Patreon, for the reward tiers check out our Patreon
  • We also welcome any sort of skin codes and hero codes for stream giveaways (except Storm Mantle Malfurion;).


Heroes Lounge is currently operating in Europe and North America. As such we expect players to have their main account on either the European or North American servers and must be available at reasonable times to play their opponents and practice with their team for their region. Past experience has shown most players from different regions encounter problems with hero pools, availability and ping when playing on a different region server.

Traditionally the signups for the new season get opened at the draw show in the last week of the season. The signups close two weeks before the season starts. You can find the full schedule here
Anyone can sign up, regardless of ability. As long as you're an amateur, everyone is welcome, from Bronze to GM.
Each week you will have 1 match, played as a best of 3, to complete. You schedule the time with your opponent as to when can suit everyone best. For Season 10 both EU and NA seasons will consist of 10 rounds in total. The top teams from each division will then qualify to play in the playoffs for their respective region.
Absolutely! We accept free agent registrations, meaning as soon as sign up closes you will be paired with other free agents to form a team, and start playing together immediately. You can also join an existing team or form a new one with other free agents before sign ups close.
If you don't have enough players to form a full 5 man team, that’s not a problem. Sign up with the players you have, and if you can't fill out your roster by the time sign up closes, we will add players to your team from the pool of free agents.
Of course! You can have up to 9 players on any one team, after this we recommend forming 2 teams.
We encourage teams to keep up with the one match per week schedule, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. If your team finds itself unable to play one week, you can organise with your opponents to post-pone the game for one week, so you have two weeks in total to play any match. However, you still have to schedule the match within the first week, otherwise your team will go inactive. You may put in a placeholder date for that purpose.

We offer several ways to help you find a team in Heroes Lounge:

  • Sign up as free agent on the website and we will put you in a team with people that are close to you in MMR.
  • Join an existing team, there are always teams looking for players or substitutes, check out the #teams_recruiting channel in our Discord.
  • You can put up a post in the #players_to_recruit channel for teams to find you.

The player that will be your captain needs to add a new team on the website. The other players need to make an account and then apply to join the team. Please read our Signup Guide for detailed instructions on how to get signed up.


The best way to contact your team and scheduling practice, is contacting them through the discord. All their Discord tags are displayed on your team page on the website. Check out this guide for more information on how to manage your team and scheduling practice.

That’s unfortunate. Sadly, some signups don’t show up. In case this happens in your team, the best course of action is to try and add a new player to your roster as soon as possible. Check out the #players_to_recruit channel on our Discord if there are free agents still looking for a team and put a message out in #teams_recruiting that your team in looking to recruit a player. If you are still 4 players and the match is coming up, you are allowed to use a substitute, check out the rules page for the rules on substitute players.

Ask around in our Discord! We have two special channels for this, #scrims_eu and #scrims_na. Another easy way to get scrims is asking teams in your own division if they are interesting in scrimming.

During a season, you will receive a new opponent every week. Matchmaking runs each Monday at 1 AM. We use Swiss matchmaking to match you with another team.

Contact the captain of the opposing team and set a date with them. When you found a date, on of you must schedule it on the website under ‘manage matches’. In case you want to reschedule the match (due to delays or otherwise) please contact a mod on Discord, they will change the date manually.

Teams have two weeks to play a match. You need to schedule your match before the opponent for the next round is given, otherwise your team will be marked inactive.

If the game cannot be scheduled due to the other team not responding, your team will receive a free win. You will have to provide proof that you tried to contact your opponent to a mod on our Discord that your opponent is not responsive.

First step, read the rules! See which heroes/talents might be banned that round. It also states all the rules on subs, delays, drafting, the maps that are in rotation and our code of conduct.

Second, pick one of the #match_lounge channels and ping(@othercaptain) the captain of the opposing team. Use !match to get a reply from HeroesBot to see who goes first in the map bans and who gets first pick. The details of the map bans are pinned in this channel.

Third, one of the captains sets up a custom game and invites all the players to it. Ensure that both teams/captains are correct, select Tournament Draft and select the correct team to have first pick.

Your team will receive a free win. You will have to provide proof that the opposing team did not show/could not play to a mod on our Discord.

Simply upload the replays of the match and don’t forget to press save. Check out this guide for the details. Make sure to report the result in time (before 23:55 at the end of the round!), in case no result is reported or the game is reported too late, both teams are made inactive.

Please PM a moderator on our Discord, they will remove it for you.


Casters actually choose the matches themselves. They try to cast as many as they can and try to cover all the different teams as best they can. Please don’t ping all casters. If there is an especially interesting match coming up in your division, you can notify the Casting Manager on our Discord.

In our efforts to balance between the needs of the teams, the lounge and the casters, we've decided to separate the casters into 2 groups: Lounge casters and External casters.

Lounge casters are casters who were vetted by our Heads of Casters and are allowed to cast any team they wish without teams being able to decline them with the exception of their own team, which they are not allowed to cast.

However, in the case of External casters, teams can decline the External caster.

Great! We always need new casters. You can start as co-caster for our main casters to get a feeling for casting Heroes Lounge matches. Please contact our Casting Manager on our Discord for more information.

If you don’t have much experience casting yet, don’t worry, we have people that can set you up and help you get started.

All you need is a computer capable of running Heroes of the Storm with a stable connection, and a microphone for you to be all set to co-cast. If you are interested in being a main caster, a reasonably well powered computer and a good internet connection is also needed.

Prior experience is a big bonus and helps accelerating things, but by no means is it a must! Most of our casters started with no experience at all.

The best thing that you can do is go over replays/vods and cast them on your own at your home, potentially recording it and listening to yourself.