Anyone can sign up, regardless of ability. As long as you're an amateur, everyone is welcome from Bronze to GM.
We play on the EU server. If you live outside Europe, you are of course welcome to sign up, and play on the EU server, but we ask that you be available to play at times in which the EU region would be available.
Communication is key. Allowing moderators, as well as potential opponents to be able to contact you is vital to being able to run the league smoothly. Please insert your tags as <username>#1234 in order for it to be properly accepted by our system.
Discord is a text and voice application that allows us to be able to communicate announcements and important information, as well as players to be able to chat with each other. It’s a fun, and informative place to go to discuss everything related to Heroes Lounge, as well as Heroes of the Storm. It's also extremely useful for getting in touch with your opponents. We recommend everyone be available on discord at least during their match.
Each week you will have 1 match, played as a best of 3, to complete. You schedule the time with your opponent as to when can suit everyone best. There will be 9 rounds in total, and the top teams from each division will then qualify to play in the playoffs.
Sign up closes on November 28. We will then allow 1 week for free agents to be accustomed to their new team, and for participants to familiarise themselves with the league system before round 1 will begin December 5.
Absolutely! We accept free agent registration, meaning as soon as sign up closes you will be paired with other free agents to form a team, and start playing together immediately.
If you don't have enough players to form a full 5 man team, that’s ok. Sign up with the players you have, and if you can't fill out your roster by the time sign up closes, we will add players to your team from the pool of free agents.
Of course! You can have up to 9 players on any one team, after this we recommend forming 2 teams.
We encourage teams to keep up with the one match per week schedule, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. If your team finds itself unable to play one week, you can organize with your opponents to post-pone the game until you are able to play.