• [InsideLounge] :thinking:

    Posted in InsideLounge on May 26, 2017

    Heroes Lounge Season 3 is almost over. The last matches have to be played and some of the teams are already qualified for the Playoffs. The competition is stiff, especially in Division 1. The league format of Heroes Lounge gives a great possibility to see teams develop over the course of several weeks. After eight matches and the defeat of Heroes Lounge Season 2 winner FAT#5, one team is ahead of all the other teams. A team which has not been thinking for too long to find a team name. Arquine presents you the next InsideLounge. Hello team :thinking:, thanks for taking time out for this inter...

  • Changes to Heroes Lounge S3 Playoffs

    Posted in Announcements, News on May 24, 2017

    Updated Playoff schedule Greetings one and all. After much discussion between the playoff organisational team, we have decided to make some adjustments to the playoff schedule. This is due to the crossover with the HGC Mid-Season Clash, as under the previous schedule we would have had our main 2 days coincide with the opening group games for Clash. This was discussed with multiple playoff eligible captains, and the overwhelming feedback we got was that they would prefer this not to happen. So, the new schedule for playoffs is as follows. Upper Bracket Round 1: 05/06 – 11/06 (matches to be arr...

  • Heroes Lounge Weekly Recap S3 #8

    Posted in Weekly Recap, News on May 21, 2017

    (Barely monthly) Weekly Recap back after hiatus  Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the weekly recap! Apologies for the break, but we are back and ready for playoffs!   There has been a ton of amazing games since the last recap, but if you missed out on all the hot HotS (heh) action, then have no fear, for we are now hitting the most exciting point of the regular season; seeing who will make the playoffs themselves!  Let’s look at the rankings and see just who is in contention for those playoff spots.    Division 1  Currently 1st place is being held by :thinking:, who achieved a...

  • [InsideLounge] Team Plasma

    Posted in InsideLounge on May 18, 2017

    The invasion of the sloths continue this season with the formation of Team Plasma, the sister team of Team Solid. Sharing similar veneration of the sloth-kind and their dictatorship ideologies, this offshoot of Solid however seem to resemble Agents007 in their play, a mystery we cannot help but explore.

  • [Announcement] Scheduled Maintanence

    Posted in Announcements, News on May 18, 2017

    Fellow Sloths and Slothines, we will perform scheduled maintanence during the 6th-9th of june. During that time, the website will not be accessible. If you have any data stored, be sure to save it in advance - we will perform a total database wipe. That'll furthermore lead to the fact, that you will need to create a new account in order to participate in our next upcoming Season! I'll end with giving a shoutout to me fellow WebSloth who gave me a hard time debuging their code, especially Mastixors! Until 2.0 hits, Rikki

  • [InsideLounge] Ley Lined Seals

    Posted in InsideLounge, News on May 12, 2017

    Hey folks! We're back with another instalment of Inside Lounge, brought to you by myself, Arquine, resident tilt lord for Freedom For Slothville. This week, we've caught up with a new an upcoming meme team Ley Lined Seals! Ley Lined Seals are a newly minted team, already making headways with their impressive logo and meme-ability. So let us dive straight into it! Hey Ley Lined Seals, would you like to introduce yourselves to our audience? Ricky: Hey, my name’s Alaric (aka Ricky656), I live in England and I’m the shotcaller, main drafter, and Chief Seal of the team! I primarily play the mel...

  • Heroes Lounge S3 Weekly Recap #3 & #4

    Posted in Weekly Recap on Apr 23, 2017

    (Not so) Weekly Recap is back from Easter break Hey folks, here we are back with our (not soooooo) Weekly Recap after we took a break over Easter last week due to friends … family … but mainly due to us being sloths. However, over the course of the last two weeks we saw a lot of amazing Heroes of the Storm matches in Heroes Lounge. The new match making brings us way less stomps and fairer and more interesting match-ups already in the first rounds of the season. When we now want to take a look on the rankings of the single division, keep in mind the qualification system for the Heroes Loung...