Jul 13, 2023 Transparent Announcement Athena Championship EU NA

The Athena Championship is coming back to EU, and is opening up in NA!

With great thanks to those at Girls Gank Squad, we are able to bring all the fun and competition we have had in past Athena Championships to the North America region in addition to our usual EU event!

Heroes Lounge has hosted 4 editions of the Athena Championship, but we have always been aware that many of the players in NA are not able to join, or feel they are playing at a disadvantage.

To combat this, and allow for more players to get involved we wanted to create a whole event for the North American community. However as we are primarily European based, we knew we would need some additional help from those across the pond.

Thanks to the assistance of Snarfungus and their admins at Girls Gank Squad, we are able to do this!

If you already know all about the Athena Championships: SIGN UP HERE!

Sign ups close 19th of August!

What is the Athena Championship?

The Athena Championship is a Heroes of the Storm tournament designed around creating a welcoming space for women newcomers to competitive gaming in addition to providing a safe space for those to network, and improve their own competitive nature in esports.

Once you sign up, and join the Heroes Lounge Discord server, you will be added to the Athena Championship discord channel! 

After sign ups are closed, on the 20th of August the teams will be created, we create balanced teams to the best of our ability with the players provided, roughly matching location but with a variety of skill levels.
After teams are created you have 3 weeks to meet your team, where you can get to know each other, or scrim with other teams (including other Athena Teams!)
It is a 2 day event that follows a consistent 5 match round robin like format, finishing with a single best of 3 grand final for the top two teams.
The round robin games are where 2 maps are played in each match. 3 points are awarded on the leaderboard for a 2-0, 1 point is awarded for a 1-1 and zero points awarded for 0-2.
We use 2 map matches to make sure we can estimate the timing accurately on the day, so players have a reasonably smooth day, with good knowledge of when they will be busy!

Who is the Athena Championship for?

This event is meant for all women anywhere in the world, including trans and cis women and femme identifying/femme presenting non-binary players. We rely on people's honesty and self-identification when deciding to sign up.

I'm from NA, can I still play in the EU event?

Anyone can play in either event, but not both. We highly suggest if you regularly play on the NA server, you sign up to play in the NA event, even if you have played in the EU Athena Championship in the past.

When is the Athena Championship?

The EU Schedule: 

Signups Close August 19th

Saturday 9th September- estimate start 17:00 CEST - 3 Best of 2s. (Finish before 21:00 CEST)

Sunday 10th September - estimate start 17:00 CEST - 2 best of 2s, and a Best of 3 Grand Final (Finish at 21:00 CEST)

The NA Schedule:

Signups Close August 19th

Saturday 9th September- estimate start 15:00 EST/12:00 PT - 3 Best of 2s. 

Sunday 10th September - estimate start 15:00 EST/12:00 PT - At least 2 best of 2s, and a Best of 3 Grand Final

Our intention is to stream the EU event and run into the NA event, continuing with the stream, for one continuous tournament and celebration!

I don't know anyone, can I sign up with a friend?

Yes! Our sign up system allows you to sign up and ask to be placed in a team with someone you know. 

If requested, we will always try to make sure you are placed in a team with at least one friend, but to make sure we can balance the teams effectively, we may not be able to accommodate large groups! 

Why is a Heroes Lounge Account needed?

We use Heroes Lounge accounts to help us keep record of connected Discord and Bnet tags, in addition to help us create teams and allocate matches on the day!

Any more questions join our discord HERE

So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP HERE!


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