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Hello Sloth Family and Nexus Enjoyers! 

Since Season 21 has come to a glorious end, we want to close up this season by acknowledging outstanding performances that have been shown off all over Heroes Lounge during the regular season.

As already teased in the Playoff Preview Show (which I highly recommend watching, if you are into Statistics), we have bestowed 12 awards distributed in every Division, meaning a total of at least 84! mentions to be announced right here, right now! 

The Painbringer

So let's not waste any further time and get right into the first award: 

The award for the highest Hero Damage dealt on average per map goes to Earthquake from the Division 6 Team Grumpy Bears with an outstanding average hero damage dealt of 81950! With just almost 200 damage less, not far behind FieldMedic from Cutlets follows in Division 2, with 81787.

The other Division specific awards go to:

Division 1 - ahahac999 from Unleashed with 79382

Division 3 - Nez from Helheim with 72035

Division 4 - MrCanine from Oishii with 76801

Division 5 - Luci from Sloth Sanctuary with 77594

Division 7 - Grinka from Smeqta with 63665.

An honorable mention goes to warzeus from Backheart's Booty Call in Division 3, with the highest hero damage dealt on one map with an outstanding amount of 221997

Proceeding with our second award:

The Siege Master

The award for the highest average Siege Damage this Season goes to BreadBucket from Don Our Fedoras in Division 2 with a demolishing amount of 158081

The Division specific awards are as follows:

Division 1 - virtu4L from Bobby Kotick Fan Club with 118602

Division 3 - Squeeky from Ultimate Goose Warning with 144834

Division 4 - Oem from Vacation in Purgatory with 154631

Division 5 - vmatom from Worse Than Neptabyss Pink with 130703

Division 6 - MyNameIsCoco from Good Grief! with 152434

Division 7 - ReLaX from Smeqta with 150312.

The honorable mention in this category goes to Scholly from InPanic from Division 7 with an astounding 365886 Siege Damage dealt in just one map!

The Experienced

The only logical next award is the highest average XP contribution. For The Experienced award vmatom barely grabs it with an incredible average of 22533 XP contribution for his team Worse Than Neptabyss Pink in Division 5. Just 196 average XP points less and thus barely missing the first place with 22337, Squeeky takes another Division-Award for Division 3.

The other division awards go to:

Division 1 - virtu4L from Bobby Kotick Fan Club with 17062

Division 2 - BreadBucket from Don Our Fedoras with 21775

Division 4 - Oem from Vacation in Purgatory with 22145

Division 6 - froh2 from Böppeltruppe with 21214

Division 7 - ReLaX from Smeqta with 22067

This time the honorable mention with the highest XP contribution in one single map this season with an unbelievable amount of 50863 XP, goes to Division 6 for Amfora from FAT Pontoon

Leading us to the more interesting awards with the next one being:

The Bulwark

The award for the highest average of Damage Tanked this season goes to ParadoX in Division 5. He tanked an insane amount of 105357 hitpoints for his team Sloth Sanctuary. I don’t want to be their healer tbh, these numbers look stressful to heal. :D 

With an ironclad amount of 272591 damage tanked in one game, Istre from Division 3’s Backheart's Booty Call earns the honorable mention for this one.

The division specific awards go to:

Division 1 - Malganyr from Bobby Kotick Fan Club with 94414

Division 2 - HEIMDALL from (EntreCôte) with 93244

Division 3 - tommpaboy from Lazer Sharks with 94849

Division 4 - ShadyGamer from Vacation in Purgatory with 89882

Division 6 - Shintaro from Böpppeltruppe with 97553

Division 7 - TrippleWix from Paint it Blue with 90708

Main Healer

Speaking of stressful work as a healer - The Main Healer award goes to Justeniov from Helheim in Division 3 with a soothing amount of 95844 HP healed on average this season.

Division specific awards go to:

Division 1 - ĆĦÌßÌŚ from Unleashed with 90204

Division 2 - Klingande from Always Late with 91645

Division 4 - Agumi from Oishii with 80294

Division 5 - Murk from Mocus Forales with 87541

Division 6 - Nemo from Böppeltruppe with 91251

Division 7 - Leafy1201 from Jalhalla with 76831

It seems to be self-evident that CptObvious obviously has to be mentioned with the highest healing on one map, with an elusive amount of 205736 HP healed for his Team Brewmasters in Division 6. I’d give a huge thanks to my healer if I was a Brewmaster in that game. ;)

The Finisher

Where are the kills you asking? Here they come! As The Finisher award for the most last hits on heroes goes to MrCanine from Oishii in Division 4 with a slashing average of 6.94 Kills per map.

The other division awards go to:

Division 1 - ahahac999 from Unleashed with 5.17

Division 2 - FieldMedic from Cutlets with 4.92

Division 3 - Arkuunis from Master’s Keepers with 4.95

Division 5 - REQPlisplai from Requiem with 5.43

Division 6 - WhatAWolf from PanDamonium with 4.62

Division 7 - Hermit from Toxic E-Sports with 5.71

This time the honorable mention goes to two players who share the amount of most hero last hits on one map being DHUnforgiven from Ups I’m inting again in Division 1 and BrightTech from Nexus’ Most Wanted in Division 5 with 15 Kills on one map.

The Dominator

So many kills but who got the most consecutive kills you ask? The Dominator award will tell you. As the highest takedown streak, meaning consecutive kills and assists without dying is shared by three teammates from KDAgents in Division 2 as Aviater, DHMcGibblets and Kratodel managed to take down 34 heroes in a row! 

The division specific awards go to:

Division 1 - Rennella from Alemania Sightseeing at Home with 24

Division 3 - Дарков from Redneck Kebaps with 26

Division 4 - Killerwurst from AFK for Cocoa, LSALeeper from Lachs Strikes Again, TTVstruckman from FAT Blackjack and VisioN from Dos Burgers all sharing this award with 25

Division 5 - NMWStrider from Nexus’ Most Wanted with 29

Division 6 - Chrips232, CrazyRexLady and ScaraX from Lagomorpha with 24

Division 7 - Skylore from Bear With Me with 29

The Sole Survivor

For such a high killstreak you have to stay alive very long which brings us to the next award on having the lowest deaths on average.

The Sole Survivor award goes to WTNExiStenCe from Worse than Neptabyss in Division 2 with an outstanding average of 0.7 deaths per map.

The honorable mention that also takes home a division specific award goes to MazurEX from Oishii in Division 4 with the lowest total deathtime of less than only 6 minutes with a total number of 9 deaths, giving him the Division 4 specific award for an average of 0.82 deaths per map.

The remaining awards go to:

Division 1 - HunterOrc from Vinland Raiders with 1.0

Division 3 - Vesperia from Oasis Gaming with 0.87

Division 5 - Fofi from Lost Boys with 1.1

Division 6 - SloneZZ from Königslachse with 0.92

Division 7 - Ansatsusha from 幕府将軍の弟子 - Bakufu Shōgun no deshi with 1.09

The Headhunter

Does someone have some bribe stacks ready? As we are reaching The Headhunter award. This award for the most camp captures on average goes to Skylore from Bear With Me in Division 7 with an overwhelming 8.6 camps captured per map.

The division specific awards go to:

Division 1 - Bash0rizer from Dämmätsch Providers with 5.41

Division 2 - Noteau from (EntreCôte) with 6.3

Division 3 - BAM from Yuumi's Gummibärenbande with 5.19

Division 4 - PoppinFresh from AFK For Cocoa with 6.55

Division 5 - ZalzDecay from Sloth Sanctuary with 7.06

Division 6 - Jeefog from Lagomorpha with 7.52

 The Variety Gamer

Showing off many skills on many different heroes, our next award, The Variety Gamer award, for the highest hero pool over season 21 goes to Romux from (EntreCôte) in Division 2 with a fascinating shown hero pool of 20 different heroes.

Division specific awards are as follows:

Division 1 - Gaflo from Vinland Raiders with 18

Division 3 - Bearly from Battle Beasts Boys with 19

Division 4 - Zerfg from HaukiGaming with 16

Division 5 - artanis from Bathole Buddies with 15

Division 6 - Docki from Juicy Mortals with 15

Division 7 - LGM from Donation Squad with 17

 The Graffiti Artist

That leaves us with only two remaining rewards of a rather funny side. First one being The Graffiti Artist award. The player who liked completely covering the nexus in sprays with a colorful amount of 503 times sprayed this season and thus deservedly earned this award is Bazarcade from WTN MAIDENLESS in Division 2. Bob Ross would be proud!

Division specific awards go to:

Division 1 - Aussenseider from Die Geilen Banger with 67

Division 3 - MartinLooter from Ultimate Goose Warning with 41

Division 4 - itrax from UwU Fighters with 75

Division 5 - Grad from GigaChadGods with 185

Division 6 - TominoSVK from Bamboos with 84

Division 7 - Moon from The Savage Novelty Honkers with 42

 The Mosh Pit Award

Finishing this award show with our dancing queen (or king) of season 21. The Mosh Pit award for the most dances this season goes to Grivan from FAT Asgard in Division 4 with marvellous 114 dances. If you’re looking for a dancing partner, you should reach out to Grivan, maybe he’ll show you some nice dance moves!

The final remaining awards go to:

Division 1 - WAHUltralisk from Die Geilen Banger with 76

Division 2 - Moojuice from Super Unstoppabros with 71

Division 3 - Tylon from Battle Beasts Boys with 87

Division 5 - Slater from Bathole Buddies with 32

Division 6 - froh2 from Böppeltruppe with 49

Division 7 - Malefikarius from Toxic E-Sports with 15

This concludes this blog post about all the bestowed awards. Thank you for your patience if you’ve reached this far into this post and congratulations to everyone who has earned an award. Now go and grab yourself a deserved cookie :D  

Keep up the outstanding performances and maybe you will be featured in the next award show. We’ll see which categories we might consider including the next time!

Maybe we might even consider a “Play of the Game” award for the sickest gameplay moment next season with acknowledging the creator of that clip as well of course. Thus we want to kindly ask all of you to watch as many casts and POV streams as you can and create clips of every funny, lucky or insane WTF moment next season, so we - the Lounge-Staff - are able to create a nice highlight reel which will be featured for all of you on every upcoming stream on the official heroes lounge twitchchannel.

Thank you for reading and now give your best and enjoy Season 22! 

Have a great rest of your day, take care and we’ll see you … in the Nexus.


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