Heroes Lounge Ruleset

Banned Heroes/Talents/Bugs


  • Zul'jin [Round 4/5/6]
  • Valeera [Round 7/8/9]
  • Lucio [Playoffs]



  • Mounting during Mosh Pit

General Rules


  • Everyone is eligible to sign up regardless of ability, being that you are an amateur.
  • You may sign up as a complete team, or as a free agent. If you sign up as a free agent, you may try to find some people you would like to play with prior to the tournament.Players who are not able to form or find a team prior to the tournament starting will be assigned a team automatically at random.
  • Teams must be 9 or fewer players. You may sign up as team with less than 5 players and we will fill out your team with free agents prior to the tournament.
  • Games will be played as a best of 3. Specific date and time of each scheduled game must be organised amongst the appropriate team.
  • Opponents will be detailed to members of each team at the beginning of each week.

Delay of Game

  • Each team is given a pool of 10 Minutes per game for delays. These apply to being too late to the start of the match, technical problems of anysorts or finding Subs.
  • Extending the 10 Minute Timeframe results in the opponent having to choose from:
    • Counting the game as a win for themselves
    • Delaying the match to another Date
    • Allowing the enemy team X Minutes to get everything back in order
  • After the game starts, a restart will be allowed for technical difficulties before the 5 minute mark, or before the first structure (fort or keep) falls. Whichever comes first. After this point, the team with the technical difficulties must decide to either forfeit, or continue the game with a bot.


  • Specific date and time of each scheduled game must be organised amongst the appropriate teams.
  • Once a date is fixed, it must be uploaded to the tournament calendar in CET time.
  • Failure to be pro-active in scheduling a team with an opponent will result in a loss. Repeat offenders will be banned from the tournament.
  • If a match is agreed to be delayed to a time outside the respective round, teams must state that they remain active within the tournament, and report the score once the match is played.
  • Failure to schedule a match on the calendar prior to matchmaking at midnight on Sundays will result in both teams being listed as inactive.


  • Atleast 3/5 Players of the original team has to participate else ruling of 'Delay of Game' will apply
  • Substitutions need to be announced by the team to their enemy as well as the Referee of the Game (Admin/Mod - as a last resort Casters) - A Profilelink (HotsLogs) has to be provided in order to be granted the substitution.
  • The Opponent (Captain) has to agree to the change made - the referee of the game will confirm this agreement by directly PM the opponents captain.
  • Switching Members between Games is not allowed unless
    • Communicated in advance of the match or game (e.g. 1 Member only has time for one game)
    • Technical Problems occur


  • The map pool for the league, subject to change, is as follows:
    • Battlefield of Eternity
    • Braxis Holdout
    • Dragon Shire
    • Cursed Hollow
    • Infernal Shrines
    • Sky Temple
    • Tomb of the Spider Queen
    • Towers of Doom
    • Warhead Junction
  • The draft will start with the map draft. When available, use the command "!coin" in the appropriate discord channel to perform the coinflip. The winner of the flip will go first in the map draft, henceforth known as Team A. Team B will go second.
  • Map draft begins: Team A bans a map from the available map pool, Team B then bans a map. Team A will then pick a map from those not banned. The first game will then be played.
  • Team that chose the map goes second in the hero draft.
  • The hero draft must be performed using the in-game tournament draft. If, for any reason, this does not work, please use Heroes Draft as an alternative.
  • The losing team of each subsequent game in the match will be able to choose either to pick the next map, or to go first in the hero draft.
  • New heroes added to the game are banned for two weeks after release, and cannot be draftable mid-way into a round.
  • Heroes with passive bugs are explicitly banned from being played
  • Heroes with potential exploits can be played, however, if caught using them will result in the loss of the match, and a potential ban.


  • After each match, the score must be reported.
  • Captains should report scores. If there is an issue with a captain unable to do so, please inform a moderator.
  • Uploading Replays after matches ASAP is mandatory by the winning teams captain (include draft links).
  • If there are any disputes over the score, contact a moderator.

Code of Conduct

  • Taunting ('ez')
    • First Time results in a warning
    • Second Time results in a Loss of Game
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Insults of any sort)
    • Loss of the match