Heroes Lounge sign-up process

Hello and welcome from the Heroes Lounge team. So you have found yourself playing and enjoying Heroes of the Storm. You were also wondering how to take the enjoyment of the game to the next level? Well look no further, you have come to the right place.

The following guide will show you the step by step process of how to join the biggest amateur Heroes of the Storm community. 

We have leagues in both EU and NA, open to players of all skills levels. You are able to sign up as a lone player, a partial team or as a full team of 5 or more players.

There are several ways to participate in Heroes Lounge, which we will guide you through in the following:

Creating an account

You have already successfully completed the first step by visiting heroeslounge.gg and finding this guide! 

To participate in a Heroes Lounge season you will need a couple of things to make it possible for us to give you a fair and balanced environment to play in. 

First up, you need your battle.net ID. Additionally, as we use Heroes Profile MMR for our balancing (aka rigging), you are required to have linked your battle.net account with Heroes Profile.

Note: The battle.net ID MUST be your main account, smurfs or alternative accounts are not allowed for fairness reasons.

Additionally, you need a Discord account with which you can join our Discord server. This will help you get in contact with the community, find a team, participate in the league and spam endless sloth memes in one of our many Discord channels.

Note: Please be aware that the Discord tag is case sensitive! If your account doesn't properly link to Discord, first check if that is exactly as it appears in Discord itself.

With those two things ready and lined up, you can now create an account on our website through the prominently placed sign-up button.

In order to register, you need the aforementioned accounts as well as a valid email address and a password. Make sure you have access to the email account, as you will need to confirm your address before you will be able to log in to your account. After a short welcome message and the aforementioned email verification, you’ll be good to go.

The first thing you’ll see is your account settings. On the ‘General’ tab, you can change your username, password, and email address as well as sign up for the Heroes Lounge newsletter. You're safe to do so, the newsletter will only be used to inform you of important events like a new season starting or similar.

The ‘Media’ tab allows you to customise your player profile with an avatar and banner image. Please refer to the size recommendations for best results on that.

The ‘Social’ tab lets you add a description to your profile as well as add links to various social media that people can then find on your page. Most importantly, you can change your selected region and set a country here.

Note: If you need to change your battle.net account due to e.g. a name change, please contact a moderator on our Discord server.

Finally, on the ‘Game’ tab, you can set your preferred team role and most importantly, mark yourself as participating for the upcoming season. Hold your horses though, we'll get back to that in the steps below, depending on how you want to sign up.

If you’re on NA, you can also set your server preference. If the volume of signups in NA allow, we will use this info to sort you into groups on your preferred server based on this info, otherwise captains will decide which server to play on.

a message will inform you that the match has been officially scheduled
Game tab for average EU sloth
scheduled matches can also be viewed on the calendar
Game tab for average NA sloth

Now that you have the basics down and a shiny new profile for other sloths to marvel at, let’s get into the important question of how you’re able to participate in the Lounge. Except if your goal was just to be a part of the community and spam endless sloth memes, in that case you are done here.

Making your own team

If you’re bringing a group of friends, or you enjoy being the administrative sloth for a bunch of new friends, this is your preferred option of partaking in the fun.

In order to create a new team, press the ‘Create Team’ button which is found under the drop down menu when hovering over your username. It is also available from any season sign up page

In order to make a team, you need a catchy name as well as abbreviation for our casters to use. The abbreviation can be the initials of your team name or a short form of the name, e.g. DIG for Team Dignitas.

Note: The abbreviation is also referred to as the ‘slug’ and may already be taken, in which case you have to come up with a unique new one.

Furthermore, you need to specify whether you’re making a team for the NA or EU league, and if you wish to do so, add a team logo, banner, description, and some social links. Naturally, you can add or edit those later through your team customisation page that is very similar to the account settings we went through earlier.

Once your team is created you will have to sign it up for a season. If you go to the upcoming season page that you want to sign up for, ensure your team is selected on the drop down the click "Sign up with your team"

In order not to overwhelm you with the responsibilities of a Lounge captain, there’s a handy Captain’s guide at your disposal if you ever feel like you need some pointers.

Note: You can also create your own team and sign up for the season if you’re not 5 players. In this case, you have the option of finding players that fit your team on the Discord before the season starts or having our automated system assign free agents to your team to ensure you will have 5 players at the start of the season.

Participating on an existing team

You might prefer to tag along with an already created or established team rather than be placed into a free agent team. 

If that is the case the best tool to find a new team is our Discord server. In the Discord server there are recruitment channels for each region that can help you find a team:

  • #teams_recruiting(_EU or _NA depending on your preference) allows teams to post ads looking for sloths filling specific roles on their team, often in a specific skill bracket. If you find something that looks interesting here, don’t hesitate to contact the responsible captain and organise some tryouts.
  • #players_to_recruit(_EU or _NA depending on your preference) allows you to post an advertisement of yourself that captains looking for new players can react to. Make sure to include the following information in your post in order to make it easier for captains to judge whether you would be a potential fit for their team:

    • Skill bracket (SL rank if you play competitive modes)
    • Heroes Profile link for an easy overview of your favourite heroes
    • Your preferred role(s)
    • Availability, region/nationality (if you e.g. want to play on a non-English speaking team) and time zone.

When a captain of an existing team thinks you might be a match they will send you a personal message on Discord. It is common to play some tryout games with a team before joining in order to gauge how well you mesh with the team and if there might be any problems, so there is no need to panic if a captain doesn’t want to immediately add you to their roster.

Once you have found a team in this way, or if you’re just waiting for your friend to make a team, here’s how you join that team on the website:

Usually, the captain of the team can add you, in which case you will have to accept the invitation in your profile settings under the ‘Applications’ tab.

Alternatively, you can also create an application that is then sent to your future team. If you’ve already talked to the captain of said team, which is highly recommended, all you need to do is click the button and send the application.

Signing up as a free agent

Finally you have the option to sign up as a free agent, which is the easiest way to find a team.

At the start of the season all free agents will be placed into incomplete existing teams to form a roster of 5 players. All remaining players will be allocated to a FAT (free agent team) of 5-6 players each. 

Once you have been put in a team you will be contacted by a volunteer mentor who will help get your new found team together and guide you towards playing your first match. You are welcome to add your teammates on Discord before being contacted with your mentor. The placement into these teams is based on your MMR as well as the chosen role in your profile.

Note: When you sign up as a free agent you will be placed in a team with other players who want to participate in the competition and count on a free agent to fill up the roster, meaning we can’t guarantee that you’ll get to play the role you set on your profile.

Remember that this option is neither better nor worse than the other options, over the seasons we've seen FATs that have had as much success as individually formed teams. However, it does require you to be a bit more flexible and open towards your teammates though.

If you wish to participate in Heroes Lounge as a free agent, first you need to go to the "Amateur Series" tab at the top of the Heroes Lounge website and select the upcoming season you wish to participate in (NA Season #/EU Season #). Once you go to the page you will be able to click the "Sign up as a free agent!" button, it's as easy as that!

If you’re still unsure whether you've actually signed up or not, click on the "Free Agents" tab on the same page and you should be able to find yourself!

No matter how you decide to participate, we here at Heroes Lounge are excited for you to be here and hope you enjoy your games. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to actively use the Discord to ask in one of the existing channels or create a ticket in our #support_desk channel.