Season sign up process

Hello and welcome from the Heroes Lounge team. So you have found yourself playing and enjoying Heroes of the storm. You were also wondering how to take the enjoyment of the game to the next level? Well look no further as you have come to the right place.

The following will show you the step by step process of how to join one of the biggest amateur gaming communities whether joining up as a solo player looking for a team, or you are a group of players/friends looking to join as a full team or a part team.

You have already done the first step by visiting To participate in a Heroes Lounge season you will be required to have a Battlenet ID. This is what your Heroes of the Storm account will be attached to. Your ID is required to allow the matchmaking staff assign you to the correct MMR brackets so you are placed amongst players of a similar skill level. This also allows them to place your team in the correct league with the MMR average from your team.

Note: The battletag ID you use MUST be your main account that you will play matches with. Smurf- or alt-accounts are not allowed. 

Also you will need a Discord ID as you will be required to join our discord server. Registering for Discord is free, if you do not have an account yet. Having a discord ID extremely useful for allowing you to get in contact with potential teams you are looking to join and for people to contact you about applications you have made to join teams. Not to mention it is the tool heroes lounge uses to arrange matches during the league season.

Now that you have these all you need to do is create a Heroes Lounge account. To do this just go to the top menu on the homepage and click on the sign in option page and then clicking on the icon next to the login button. Then follow the steps to create your Heroes Lounge account. 

Signing up as a free agent

There several ways to participate in the heroes lounge 

  • as a free agent

  • as a member of an existing team

In this guide we will cover signing up as a free agent. If you prefer playing as a member of a team please read our finding a team guide or our guide to start a new team. 

At the start of the season all free agents will be placed in incomplete existing teams to form a roster of 5 players. All remaining players will be allocated to a FAT (free agent team). In a FAT players are allocated in a roster of 6 players. When you are placed in a FAT roster try to contact the other members using their Discord IDs,  even if you are not assigned as captain. This will help you bring your newfound team together. The placement into these teams is based on your MMR.

Note: When you sign up as a free agent you will be placed in a team with other players who want to participate in the competition and count on a free agent to fill up the roster. 

Once you have created your profile and logged in you will now need to register to play in the upcoming season. This is done by going into your account settings in the user menu on the side panel as shown.

In the settings menu you can set up your account from here adding things like your social links/ avatar and update all your passwords and emails. But the most important part of your signup is within the game tab.

This is where you will acknowledge your season signup. You can select your preferred role from a dropdown list if you have a preference that is. But and I will stress this as much as I can hence the bold writing make sure you tick the participation box as this is what registers you for the season. If this box is not ticked you will not be entered into the season as a free agent if you have signed up solo.

Once you have selected your role, ticked the season participation box and clicked the save button you have now signed up to the upcoming season. You will be able to keep up with all announcements and information on the upcoming season via our discord server. If in any doubt about your sign up you can check the free agent page to see if you are listed.

Finding an existing team to join

There several ways to participate in the heroes lounge 

  • as a free agent

  • as a member of an existing team

  • as captain of a new team

In this guide we will cover finding and joining an existing team. If you prefer playing as a free agent please read our free agent guide. If you prefer to start your own team please read our guide to start a new team. 

The biggest tool to find a new team is our discord server.  In the discord server there are several recruitment channels that can help you find a team:

#teams_recruiting and #players_to_recruit. 


In the channel #teams_recruiting you will find ads from teams looking for members, they will mostly describe what sort of player they are looking for (skill level and roles, speaking languages and/or available days). If you see an ad that can potentially be a match you send the writer of this ad a personal message. 

In the channel #players_to_recruit you can post a little ad about yourself. Write a little about yourself and make sure to include the following information: 

Rank HL/TL: 
Availability/activity during the week:
Other things:

When a captain of an existing team thinks you might be a match they will send you a personal message on discord. 

It is common to, by mutual interest, play some tryout games with a team before joining definitely. 

If you have found a team that you can join you have to register to that team on the heroeslounge website. On the left hand menu click on your profile and pick settings from the menu. On the userpage you find an applications tab. 

Here you can apply to the team you want to join. A captain can also directly invite you to join the team. You can find the invites in the same tab and accept them from here. 

You can also apply for teams without the help of the Discord through the application tab. The captain of a team can then review your application and contact you.