The advent of season 4 brought many changes to Heroes Lounge. We've found higher quality teams (with it, increase to boundary of division 1), more moderators to hassle, a new website, Froge finding himself in division 1, and many new teams joining the fray to meme it out; all in the name of the One True Petman. The influx of many new captains and a new website, we thought that we'd share a short guide on how to schedule and report your matches in our brand new website.

Scheduling a match

A match round begins Sunday midnight  when all active teams will be given a opponent to play that round. Teams are given 7 days to schedule the match, and up to 14 days from Sunday midnight to play (and report) it. It is important to note that the responsibility of deciding when to play the matches falls on both captains. The common protocol is to DM your opposing captain through Discord (or BattleNet). Once a match is agreed by both parties, one of the captains can update the website.

go here to schedule a match
match overview

All captains should have access to this match overview page, with special ability to save a date. As you can see in the image above, matches have to be scheduled +7 days from assigned, and be played +14 days from assigned. All other dates are greyed out from selection.

schedule a match once both captains agree on date
only valid dates are available for selection

Click on the save date button and watch magic happen. There should be a green alert notifying you that the match is now officially scheduled and you can also view it from the calendar section. This is an important step as casters will be looking at this date to try and find games to cast (nb: please do not ping casters on discord asking for your match to be cast. they are busy volunteers and there is a process). Ensure that the time entered for the match is in CET / CEST.

a message will inform you that the match has been officially scheduled
match is now scheduled and ready to be played
scheduled matches can also be viewed on the calendar
scheduled matches show up on calendar

At times, there might be problems trying to schedule, contacting your opponents but captains must show reasonable attempts to contact each other. Should the captain on the opposing team fail to be responsive or neither team could find a reasonable resolution as to when the match should be played, do contact a moderator before the end of the 7th day (ideally around the 6th day).

Reporting a match

Battle lines have been drawn, coins flipped, drafts rigged, games clowned; now it is time for the winning captain of the series to upload the matches. As per the rule set, please do remember to take screenshot of the draft. Several materials are required to report the result of the match - namely the replays (found in your heroes of the lounge storm folder) and draft screenshots.

To add a game, click on the plus icon at the match view.

report your first game result
reporting a game

A pop up will appear with the 4 main fields to fill: the map played, the draft screenshot (.jpg or .png), the game replay, (.stormreplay) and the winner of the match (nb. failure to upload the correct replay and/or draft screenshot may result in match being forfeited). Please do so in the correct game order, subsequent uploads will attempt to decide the winner of the series. The website, by default does not allow for draws therefore a wrong order of upload may result in a very hairy situation. Having said that, continue uploading in the correct order until all the games are reported.

hit save game should bring you to a screen that looks similar to this
save the game the result should look like this

Proceed to upload all your games until all games have been played.

a draw isn't allowed
a draw, you shall not have

When all the games are updated correctly, remember to click the "save match" icon. This action will inform the website to update scores and standings.

If you noticed, that there is a bin button beside each game in that series. Should a game be uploaded in error, click on the bin button to remove / redo the game. Division tables and rankings will be updated once the games are saved. These draft screenshots and replay files can later be retrieved by coach, allies and opponents alike for research and review purposes.

(Re)Viewing a match

Match details of a series that have been played can be accessed by clicking on any VS links on the website.

click on match to view details
click on versus link to view specifics of a match

Clicking on the links highlighted in red should bring you to the next screen detail where replay files and draft screenshots are available for viewing and download.

click on match to view details
click on versus link to view specifics of a match
click on match to view details
click on versus link to view specifics of a match

There we have it! A full circle, replays and games uploaded forever in the hall of memes, forever commemorated and worshipped.

Hopefully this guide should help both new and seasoned captains alike. Should any queries arise, please do not hesitate to contact @TinyOwl, our latest dictatorial mod. She will helpfully answer your questions and listen to your sorrows; make sure to bring mice and plushies as offerings. If you find any of the information incorrect above, please let us know. Finally, all website issues can be communicated through discord at our #website_support channel.