Being a newbie in Heroes Lounge can be a very daunting task, from figuring out what's all these spams in discord, how to navigate the website, finding a team, building a team, 'who is Tobb and why does he bodyslam?', to 'wtf are these sloth emotes?'. You may now, or in a few days find yourself in the unfortunate position of being the captain of a new team trying to navigate through the Murky waters of Heroes Lounge. Whether you are a captain of a free agent team, or signed up as a 5 stack, this short article will hopefully try and alleviate some of the anxieties of being a captain and give you the tools to navigate choppy seas and Essex chavs to build a successful, stable fun team. 

So, I'm captain, what does it mean?

First of all, congratulations! You've been nominated the administrative slave for the other members of your team. I'd advice, the first thing to do is to go through the ruleset. A captain's main role in Heroes Lounge, other than being the guiding light to a group of lazy ass sloths, is to arrange matches. As this is an amateur league, match times and days can be flexible, as long as two captains agree on it. Matches are assigned midnight Sunday every week for 9 weeks running. Teams have up till Sunday midnight (7 days) to schedule the match should be played (match dates should be logged ion the calendar when agreed by both captains, the same week the games are assigned), within two weeks to play it (i.e. , match assigned or week 5 have to be played in week 5 or 6).

What now?

Your first order of business is to figure out two very important aspects of a successful team. When can you play and what can you play. There are many amazing tools out there to help you organise and try to figure out when your team can get together and play, the easiest being "just ask". However, if you're as lazy as me, you'd want to look at This is a simple tool, where you can create an event for a week and ask your team to fill up. 

Sample View on Availability
sample view on team availability for general playtime

Next order of business is to figure out who can play what. This can be done in a simple excel spreadsheet, where you share and simply make your players give ratings for each hero, whether they can play it or otherwise and how well. Most common spreadsheets look like the image below:

Sample View on Hero Pool Chart
view on hero pool to help team find that special Vikings main

This will help you and your team understand what heroes the team can play, what sort of compositions the team can run. Where are your strengths, where are your weaknesses? Are you a front line heavy team? Perhaps you somehow end up with two support mains? This should help you establish the roles within the team. You can find a copy of it here.

Train, Train, Train. 

The very key ingredient to success is practice. There's 3 different kinds of team practice you can do. The most hassle free is with team league, quick match or unranked draft. These sessions are most effective when you set specific goals or compositions you'd like to experiment. The second is targeted training, where you simply setup a custom game,  and different members of the team play different roles. This is a very efficient method of practising synergy or combo. Finally, there's a #scrims channel in Heroes Lounge where you can look up for scrim partners. This resembles a real match most, and with specific focus in mind, is where you'd gain the most from a team.

Hopefully this sufficiently covers all the need to know of being a new captain!