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Heroes Lounge is for anyone! Don't have any friends who're looking for that competitive edge? Sign up as a free agent and get matched into a team with like-minded people! Already have a group of 5? Sign up as a team!


When you schedule your match on the website, our team of casters gets notified. We do our best to make sure that the games you're playing get broadcasted to Twitch so everyone can see what it's like to play in Heroes Lounge!

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We're all gamers, so if you're just looking to chill out for a bit or looking for someone to play with, just drop a message in our very active Discord channel!

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[Inside Lounge] Estoril eSports

[Inside Lounge] Estoril eSports

We are joined today for another edition of Inside Lounge, and this time our guests are Division 2 Champion Estoril eSports!
Season 3 Playoffs: "Division 2 teams might surprise you!"

Season 3 Playoffs: "Division 2 teams might surprise you!"

While the sign-ups for Heroes Lounge Season 4 have been already opened, we are in week number two of the Heroes Lounge Season 3 Playoffs and it is about time to review what happened thus far. As predicted by most, there were not many surprises in the first round of the playoffs.
[InsideLounge] Heroes Lounge Season 3 Playoff-Teams

[InsideLounge] Heroes Lounge Season 3 Playoff-Teams

The teams playing in the Heroes Lounge playoffs showed that they are the best teams we have in our amateur league. They already sticked together for a couple of months, and most of them will surely play in Heroes Lounge Season 4 as well.  To prepare you for the next playoff games and the final round at the weekend of 24thand 25th June, we asked the team captains a few quick questions.