Athena Championship Rules

For bugged interactions, talents and banned skins and mounts we will use the same rules at the main Heroes Lounge season.

Similarly map bans and picks will be done the same as the main Heroes Lounge season, including the map pool.

Integrity of the Competition

When signing up for the competition all players were asked to agree to a set standing of honesty to agree that this was an event exclusive to those who identify as women.

Coaching rules of the Athena Championship:

Women coaches are allowed to give vocal coaching until the end of the loading screen after the draft, however if a coach is not a woman and communication should stop as soon as the “Start game” button in the lobby is clicked.

We understand several teams have men as coaches, but to remain true to the goal of the event, we want to highlight the option for women to be coaches in esports.

If you feel the integrity of the competition has been broken by any team at any point, please notify Transparent or TinyOwl on Discord.

It is the event organiser’s role to decide if the integrity of the competition has been broken at any point. Their decision on if it has been broken and the severity of the punishment is final.

Format of the Tournament

5 Best of 2 games, to decide the qualifiers for a Best of 3 Grand Final. 

Saturday 22nd October:    


14:00 CEST    Bo2

15:15 CEST    Bo2

16:30 CEST    Bo2

(Finish roughly by 18:00 CEST)    


Sunday  23nd October:   


14:00 CEST    Bo2

15:15 CEST    Bo2

16:30 CEST    Best of 3 Grand Final

(Finish roughly by 18:30 CEST)