Dec 03, 2019 Poppinfresh Announcement Division S EU NA

Once again we saw some of the best upcoming teams from EU compete ferociously in an effort to qualify for Division S.

EU Qualifier 4 - Saturday 7th December 13:00 CET

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NA Qualifier 3 - Saturday 7th December 13:00 PST 

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The last 3 qualifiers for NA will be taking place on Saturday December 7th, Thursday December 12th (starting at 7pm EST) and Saturday December 14th (regular start times of 4pm EST for the Saturdays)

Qualifier 3 Recap


KiiKoo Combo asserted their dominance for the third qualifier in a row but not without a slight scare. After overcoming MassiveHype and Disgusting they met pepeMLADY in the final where they lost their first map of all of the qualifiers so far. KiiKoo bounced back from this and won the remaining two maps to win Qualifier 3.

Current Standings

Team Points
Kiikoo Combo 600
Feel the Heat 320
Disgusting 300
pepeMLADY 260
Schuifpui Schavuiten
Wheel of Ordah 130
MassiveHype 105
Hold My Beer 100
We Are Lost 100
MoustachesDivS 65
Hoplita S 65
Daementis 65
Lucky Play 65
eXon-black 65
Goats for Hire 40
I'll be casting by Sunday 40
Unstopable 40
Last Crusaders 40

If you  have any questions regarding Division S or would be interested in helping out please message a moderator in our Discord.


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Dec 03, 2019 Poppinfresh #Rigged Amateur League EU
Here we are again folks, it's time for the first round of EU Season 11 and I am back with another series of #RIGGED.


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