Feb 16, 2019 JScottGhost Division S EU

So far we have two teams confirmed for EU Division S, Washed Up and Coming Through. Congratulations to them, but the action still continues to find out who else will be making the jump to the Division S season. 

The first two qualifying weekends have been crazy and Qualifier #3 is not going to be any different. The gameplay will be top notch as we move through the weekend. The teams are ready and the casters will bring you the action!

For more information regarding the first two qualifying weekends and who to look out for this weekend, check out our blog written by Hoofit: https://heroeslounge.gg/blog/post/division-s-EU-half-tem-report

Listed below are the casters and where they are going to start for the evening. 

Caster Name
Channel Link
First Match (if known)
Khaldor (English)
Grumpstrump Legacy vs. Out of the Box
Tetcher (English)
Xpain Vs. Jormungandr
Halloweenheroes (English)
What does the photographer say
Malganyr (French)

TazzDingo (German)
Grumpstrump Legacy vs. Out of the Box
KnowMe (German)
Memeldors Meme Machines
Milosh (Russian)
Grumpstrump Legacy vs. Out of the Box
TeamNutVaria (Chinese) https://m.douyu.com/709338  Xpain vs. Jormungandr

Also keep in mind that NA's side of the qualifiers will continue this evening to get all the HOTS action you want from both sides of the pond. 


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