Oct 09, 2022 Judochop Announcement Event NA

Hey, It's your local Heroes Lounge NA representative JudoChop coming to you with news from the Nexus. 

Oct 29th, and the 30th, I will be hosting a Halloween event with $300 cash prize  There will be two divisions one below and one above 2675 MMR, the winner of each will claim $150 

We will have one of NA's Favorite casters MochrieTV. Along with Nyquil, HellrazorTV, and myself. possibly more TBA

Sign ups are available here: https://heroeslounge.gg/halloween-heroes-2022


  • You can be on multiple HL Teams just not for the same event. 
  • Smurfing will DQ your team from the event, or result in forfeiture of prize money upon review. 
  • All games are Bo3, except the finals will be Bo5 
  • All "standard" Heroes Lounge rules and bans apply (see here
  • Single Bracket Elimination with teams of similar MMR as possible being placed together in bracket. 
  • Poor sportsmanship such as slurs, profanity, or purposely delaying the end game. can result in game or match loss (B-step all you want) 
  • Time on Saturday starts at 3pm ET, Start time on Sunday is pending on turn out. 
  • Pay out will be sent directly to the Capitan of the winning teams, Except for FAT teams which will receive individual pay-outs upon winning.  
  • If you would like to Donate to the Prize pool, all donations will go directly to the players, and the $300 pot

Map pool:

  • Alterac Pass 
  • Battlefield of Eternity 
  • Cursed Hollow 
  • Dragon Shire 
  • Garden of Terror 
  • Infernal Shrines 
  • Sky Temple 
  • Tomb of the Spider Queen 
  • Towers of Doom 
  • Volskaya Foundry

Any questions DM Judochop#2001 on Discord


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