A new Season begins

We had an incredible experience throughout the last couple of months with you guys and all of you – the players, viewers, casters, moderators, and lounge masters –made Heroes Lounge to something which we could not expect half a year ago. 

Since the beginning of December last year, over 600 players in almost 100 teams played over 700 maps in Heroes Lounge. This equals to over 2000 hours of game time or almost 90 days. 

A huge portion of this games were casted live on stream on our Twitch.tv channels which would not have been possible without our great team of casters spending so much effort on having your games casted. Our YouTube channel has seen even more VODs in a way higher quality than the season before, the community of Heroes Lounge has grown, established even more memes, and our discord server is healthier than ever.

With more frequent blog post and recap vids giving insights into the teams, the matches, and all the things which happened during one week we feel like we have taken a huge step forward in organization quality and communication towards you. 

However, we do not want to stop here but make the next season – Heroes Lounge Season 3 – to something way better…

mYinsanity partners up with Heroes Lounge

Our all beloved Heroes Lounge Master Cosmic already revealed this news live onTwitch.tv after the Grandfinal of our Heroes Lounge Season 2 Playoffs. Couple of weeks ago, the conversation between mYinsanity and the head of Heroes Lounge began aiming to create a partnership among those two organizations which would be beneficial for both.

We are proud to announce that this partnership came to life and, hence, mYinsanity as well as Logitech GEsportclothing and G2A.com will support Heroes Lounge Season 3 to make it to the best Season of Heroes Lounge we ever had. 

Amongst other benefits, this partnership gives us the opportunity to announce prizes or Heroes Lounge Season 3. For now, we have for you:

  • 50€G2A gift card (5xEUR10)
  • LogitecG900 Mouse
  • mYinsanity Jersey signed by Thomas "Khaldor" Killian
  • 5x Funko Pop Figures

Heroes Lounge Season 3

Heroes Lounge Season 3 will start on Monday, the 27th of March, 2017. Everyone of you can already sign-up for Season 3 on www.HeroesLounge.gg. Note, all teams which already played in Heroes Lounge Season 2 have to press the participation button on the website if they want to play in Season 3. 

If you want to participate in  Heroes Lounge but you do not have a team, sign up on www.HeroesLounge.gg and we will find you a team by the ending of the sign-ups for Season 3 on the 20th of March 2017.