Sep 11, 2018 Robb #Rigged

I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was - Pokémon theme tune. Let's be honest, we all come into Heroes Lounge thinking "Yeah we're just gonna try our best to get better and have fun" but then everyone turns into secret try-hards scouting out the opposing teams support's QM game from 2 years ago to see if he checks the bush or not....Wait, just me? Never mind then! Unfortunately for you poor souls, Julian is away this week on IMPORTANT SLOTH BUSINESS so I am here to fill in. And as a dirty try-hard, this week we are going to look at the very top games in each division!

Division 1

Memeldors Meme Machines vs Coinflip

In somewhat troubling fashion for our matchmaking, the top 3 teams haven't played each other at all this season in Division 1, despite being 9 rounds in. What we do have is a team in Coinflip who will be looking to bounce back after EPG Frozen snapped a 3 match winning streak for the 5th placed Division 1 team. Hoping to prevent this will be last seasons Championship runners up Memeldors Meme Machines, lead by famous Garrosh one-trick Deathknight (who insists he is now in fact a Johanna one-trick), captain of one of only 4 teams in Heroes Lounge to still be unbeaten. This will be a tough task for Coinflip, who likely need 1 more win to make it to the playoffs, but one they will be eager to get to cement their place as Championship contenders.

Division 2

BushBoysCollective vs OverPower

Division 2 currently sees no less than 4 teams at the top with 6 wins a piece, but OverPower are the current leaders due to a superior map score. BushBoysCollective are in an interesting position though. They are unbeaten this season, but missed round 6's match-up and have a game less than the other top Division 2 teams as a result, plus 2 of their 6 wins have come about as a result of free wins. They will be looking to show that they would have won these games regardless, and get to the top of the division. OverPower are the definition of momentum however, as since they haven't dropped a single game since their round 1 loss to now defunct LateGame eSports. Both teams are likely to make it to the Championship, but will be eyeing a top 2 finish so as to get the more advantageous seeding for the group stage.

Division 3

BrownHorseGang vs Sloth Sanctuary

If at the start of the season you had told me Sloth Sanctuary was going to be challenging for 1st place 9 rounds in, I likely would have laughed at you, then ran away to hide for fear of my eyes being plucked out by TinyOwl. However, they seem to have conquered Pittor's weakness to basic rotations (second only to his weakness to gluten) and find themselves on a 5 game winning streak. However, the have a tall task ahead of them, that even the skyscrapers that are in Sloth Sanctuary may struggle to climb, as to say BrownHorseGang have been on a roll this season would be an understatement. Unbeaten, they haven't even lost a single map in their last 4 games, including an impressive win over previously unbeaten team RIP Convection, despite RIP Convection having the fearsome Fedora wearing Mango subbing for them. BrownHorseGang are heavy favourites for the Cup right now, and a win for Sloth Sanctuary would be an impressive feat.

ᴴᵃᶦˡ ᴰᵉⁿᵗʳᵒ

Division 4

Jormungandr vs Treehouse Gaming

This may look like a case of favouritism, but there is no argument this is the top match in Division 4 this round. For the first time this season, the team of Jormungandr have shown they can bleed, as Death by Monkeys managed to take them out in an impressive 2-0 showing. Jormungandr however were without their shot-caller and star player Gougin for map 1 of that series, and by all accounts he was very unwell for the remaining map he played (although to DBM's credit, they also had a sub who hadn't played the game in 2 months jump in for that series). They will be looking to show that loss was a fluke as they take on Treehouse Gaming, a game with no less than 5 staff members, 1 twitch moderator, 1 caster, 1 blog writer and a Froge. Despite the teams myriad responsibilities for Heroes Lounge, the team have done well this season, with a single loss coming against The Sops in round 4, and showing a big improvement over the previous season. The question is if Treehouse Gaming conquer the world serpent? Or will Jormungandr continue to bounce back from their first loss of the season having beat Potatoes007, and get back to the unbeatable performances that put them top of the division.

Division 5

PLagueMakers vs Earthworm Defence Force

This is a match-up of teams just on the edge of glory: both are very close to securing their place in the Cup, and a win for either team would certainly do that. PLaguemakers will be hoping to continue the form that seen them win their last 2 games without losing a map since a loss to DuetR in round 5, whereas Earthworm Defence Force have had a harder time as of late, earning a hard fought 2-1 victory against Body Block Crew, having lost their 2 previous games in a row. Earthworm Defence Force captain Jaldren is known for his baking recipes, and will be hoping to bake up a good plan to defeat PLagueMakers in order to help put them one step closer to a cup qualification. PLagueMakers however will be doing their best to be too tough to swallow, in what should be a highly contested Division 5 match-up.

Do you think we missed the most crucial match-up of the week or ignored a certain team for too long? Feel free to let us know by writing a kind DM to juliandoom on Discord and we'll consider fixing the issue immediately!


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