Meet the Heroes Lounge and NGS crew of volunteers working on Division S.

27, Swiss/British. I am the founder of Heroes Lounge. I am also the owner of Barcraft Zurich, organising public viewings for esports events. Although professionally a data scientist, I have always been a huge fan of esports, particularly with Blizzard games, with my first love being for SC2. Building Heroes Lounge from the ground up has been an incredible experience, and I am proud to be part of such an awesome community.


Founder CEO

32, Israel (currently living in Bulgaria). I first got into eSports when StarCraft: Brood-War came out, which I got pretty competitive in and was part of a local group of players that arranged local tournaments (that was back in 1999). First time I heard about Heroes Lounge was through a reddit post made by cosmic back in 2016 where he introduced Heroes Lounge to the world. I immediately fell in love with the idea and wanted to help, more specifically as a caster and after talking to Cosmic a bit, I got accepted and started my journey in Heroes Lounge and now I am head of casters, whose main job is to make sure our beloved teams get cast. It will never cease to amaze me what a group of volunteers can do with a little bit of time, and a lot passion!


Division S lead | Chief Stream Officer (CSO)

My name is Petter ”Pittor” Ljung and I’m 25 years old from Sweden. I’ve been playing computer games for as long as I can remembered and I’ve fell in love with esports and HotS the last few years. I’ve been playing in Heroes Lounge since season 1 and the best part here is our awesome community.


Chief League Officer (CLO)

26, German. My first involvement in Heroes Lounge was as a cocaster in Season 2 which I still do irregularly. Since then I have focussed more on the organisation of the Heroes Lounge competition where I am coordinating our moderator team, the regular season and the playoffs. I am following esports since the release of StarCraft 2 in 2010 and got involved with organizing tournaments myself in 2015. Playing Heroes of the Storm since alpha and a long standing member of the Church of Rehgar through highs, lows and bugged feral lunges.


League Manager EU

Hi, I'm borntoshine and I've been playing Hots for 3 years now. I was the support player for Missed My E in seasons 4 and 5 of NGS and the first NA season of Heroes Lounge; I'll be playing support for ALMOST LEGENDS in NGS season 6. I joined the NGS staff as a moderator (Division A) during season 5 and then stepped up onto the Board a short while later. I'm a support main (in case it wasn't obvious) and Brightwing is my favorite healer to play. I also love wine, Jane Austen, and all things Pokemon.


League manager NA

21, Dutch. I am the senior moderator of the EU side of heroes lounge doing my best supporting the community. Besides making people play nice in the discord I am in charge of maintaining the bans on heroes, talents and other interactions. I have been playing MOBAs for atleast 5 years but two years ago I fell in love with Heroes when I just wanted try how Zarya would play in a MOBA (Zarya main btw). Soon after I joined lounge and got massively involved with the community and its memes.


Rules and Conducts supervisor

Hi there! My name is Wedge but I prefer to go by my title of NA's top feeder. I come from the mythical land of Canada where we have maple syrup instead of tap water, our children are named after legendary hockey players and every citizen receives their own pet miniature moose as part of their retirement plan. Heroes has become my passion over the past 3 years and I still play like every hero has the same death timer as Murky.


Moderator NA

I'm just a regular guy who likes Heroes of the Storm.


Moderator NA

I'm Park, and I hail from the land of hamburgers and free refills. May or may not actually be an actual part. I help tell people what to do and try to not sound like an idiot, or make other people feel like idiots. Just remember that if you have something important to share or need someone to lean on...please ask Masterfish.


Moderator NA

34 year old professional IT geek from the UK, have been involved in esports since the early 2000's with Star Wars: Jedi Academy, have been a volunteer for lounge since season 2, where I have held pretty much every staff role at some point. Currently speaks and writes for the Lounge as well as arranging meetups. Still disappointed TinyOwl is in fact, not a tiny owl.


Moderator EU

Griefings, I am Penelope. I live in Denmark and am an eager mage player. I have always been very interested in competitions both sports and Esports. Therefore, I was fast to join Heroes Lounge, when I first heard of it back in season 3. Masters degree in history, classical culture and archeology. I spend my time in Lounge as a mod and writer mainly, plus whatever else I can help out with.


Moderator EU

Phalop here, I am 23 years old with a masters degree in biomedical engineering and will be starting my PhD soon. Apart from being a scientist I am also a big fan of HOTS, other games and TV series. I am playing HOTS now well over a year and really fell in love with the game. When my interest was declining I found the HL which ignited the love for the game again. Currently besides competing, I also started casting and joined the moderator team as I always love to help people out and want to help the HL in any way possible as I love this community and everything HL stands for.


Moderator EU


Moderator EU

Hiya, Astraeus here! I'm a 22 year old student from the Netherlands. Been a fan of e-sports since Starcraft II Wings of Liberty, now enjoy spending my free time on HotS, working "hard" to get to masters. My staff duties involve assisting you in our Heroes Lounge discord, adding the freshest memes to the discord bot and keeping a watchful eye over all the content we produce.


Chief Content Officer (CCO)

Editor in Chief of Nexus Gaming Series content division. Majoring in Cinema Studies and Political Science at the University of Central Florida


Editor in Chief

Wearer of multiple hats and public relations guy in real life! Been playing MOBAs since League of Legends' Beta many years ago. Joined NGS as a division mod for Season 5, then became part of the core team from there! Into a wide variety of games, but most of them have space somewhere in there. Acolyte of the One True Wormy Boi.


PR Manager NA

Content Manager and loving the organisation. Been playing games since I've been a little girl. Played Heroes as my first MOBA ever since closed Alpha and never looked back. I love writing and chatting to people online :)


PR Manager EU

23 year old German, I love Blizzard games since the original Starcraft. I joined Heroes Lounge in Season 2 and picked up working on our website shortly afterwards. In real life, I study computer science.


Lead developer

Content Creator and Social Media Guru for Heroes Lounge. I have loved Heroes since Beta and have been playing games all my life. If not writing, I spend my time with my awesome family.


Social Media Editor

Hi there, I'm TinyOwl from the Netherlands. I am Chief Operations for Heroes Lounge. I make sure our organisation keeps running smoothly. Its a weird task that sometimes means pestering people about setting up meetings. Other times writing plans to go to new regions. And im sometimes an HR person to try and settle our differences. One of the things I like to do most is the mentor program for the free agents, to help new people get into the league and the community. I first played HotS during a LAN at home with some friends. That's how my first team Beginner AI was born, which joined Heroes Lounge in season two. During the day I am a business/IT advisor.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I'm Kharis, I'm 29 and disappointingly British. You'll often find me casting on the Heroes Lounge channel, where I've been casting since the start of Season 6. On the admin side, I'm mostly responsible for scheduling our European casters to ensure the best coverage of matches, but I also have interests in Twitch analytics of our casts and in improving production quality, so if you have any thoughts on these areas, then get in touch!


Financial Manager

Dutch relic playing his first MOBA. Came across Heroes Lounge in Season 3, didn't work out that time, but second time was the charm and the rest is history. Discovered at some point that casting is extremely fun to do, and now I've ended up as the Stream Manager EU. Sounds a mouthful, but really, my job is to make sure that the EU side of the casting crew can do what they love: cast the amazing teams that participate in Heroes Lounge season after season. I also write blogs on the side/site: usually recaps of what has gone down halfway through the season, and later on a piece on which teams can make it into our vaunted playoffs.


Production manager EU



Moderator NA



Moderator NA



Moderator NA