[EU]Season 14 Participation

The Trying Dutchmen Logo

The Trying Dutchmen

Team Description:

4 Dutch guys, 1 Danish, 2 ex europeans just trying.

AFK For Cocoa Logo

AFK For Cocoa

Team Description:

We would have won, but Linux went AFK to get some cocoa.

Division 5 Champions Season 8

Division 4 Champions Season 11

Division 3 ????

Für Rum und Ähre Logo

Für Rum und Ähre

Team Description:

Bisschen verklünkert aber geben immer volle 10%

Out of position Squad Logo

Out of position Squad

Team Description:

Oops, Altan is inting again. Only the biggest 'eels for Murmur. Why is our captain yoloing into 4 people? Behold artanis' mighty splitpush Alexstrasza. Kaiser gifting camps. Communication and organization are S+ Tier... maybe. Anything else?

Puddings Of The Storm Logo

Puddings Of The Storm

Team Description:

A group of sentient puddings playing HOTS. Opponents beware, as our specialty is throwing at boss and overextending while pushing

Beehive Logo


Team Description:

Formerly Vodka Warriors (season 7 and 8).

Season 12 Division 6 winners.

Vacation in Purgatory Logo

Vacation in Purgatory

Team Description:

When fighting us it isn't 5 v 5; it's 5 v 4 vs Lunatic! :D

Band of Brewers Logo

Band of Brewers

Team Description:

We brew, We happy brew. We Band of Brewers.

Occulus Cat Fish Logo

Occulus Cat Fish

Team Description:

We like to play hots with an occulus system. Approved by fich and cats

Super Unstoppabros Logo

Super Unstoppabros

Team Description:

"Even for me, it's sometimes very difficult to fathom my own ingenuity. Hereby, I present thee my latest artwork: Super Unstoppabros - Dami's crusade" 

I thought this was ARAM Logo

I thought this was ARAM

Team Description:

Lured back to lounge by promise of ARAM tourney, got tricked into playing proper lounge AGAIN....

Super Naze Bross Logo

Super Naze Bross

Team Description:

A Spanish amateur HOTS Team. Witch Sensual Doctor Fans.

Don Our Fedoras Logo

Don Our Fedoras

Team Description:

We're Don Our Fedoras, one of the oldest teams in Lounge. Descriptions seem like effort OSsloth

BeJoPaMaJuJu Logo


Team Description:

Season 12

Participant for Legendary Cup Season 12

with: hOOt, JLN, ANON, idb, Joe, Athene

Season 13
joined by Bee n1Ce

Please Buff Illidan Logo

Please Buff Illidan

Team Description:

Please Buff Illidan. Can someone tell me how it's possible that blind hero like Illidan can get blind when he's overall blind 0 logic so he should get buff-resistance on blind

Sloth Highlords Logo

Sloth Highlords

Team Description:

En harudim Sloth Highlords ki nala atum uhn ore'ki atum uhn dara ma'nakai zira'vek kryor na vazeal korshala Adun zhakul inok zerashk gulida

Team Super Kuláks Logo

Team Super Kuláks

Team Description:

Hello there, fellow landowners! We are here to have fun, dodge some land confiscation and don't worry, thats not a pig's sound coming from the loft.

Black Cat Logo

Black Cat

Team Description:

We are that kind of cat that everyone likes to feed and pet but not take home.

Redneck Kebaps Logo

Redneck Kebaps

Team Description:


Prosonyglasbläserrind Logo


Team Description:

We are german! We are efficient! And we like Sony, glass, and cows!

Teamleague Rank 1 Logo

Teamleague Rank 1

Team Description:

A mix of humble yet powerful men and women! -> gameplay -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3dj2DVqy-0&t=114s

Sons of Malkovich Logo

Sons of Malkovich

Team Description:

The long lost sons of John Malkovich: I am the hammer, I am the mail about His fist. I am the Spear in His hand. Though we are lost, I am the shield on His arm. I am the flight of His arrows. I am the sword. We are John Malkovich.

ERN Hots Logo

ERN Hots

Team Description:

Esport-Rhein-Neckar (ERN) is an Esports Club for any skill level in Mannheim. We are the newly founded Hots-Team and here for a good time in some nice competetive games.

Arndtagonist Logo


Battle Tag Arndtagonist#2874

Discord Tag Arndtagonist#7889

Country: Germany

Played Heroes for years now and I'm looking for a new flavour! Open to any role (even Tank and Support) and happy to be picked up by a nice team.


Tank Tank

Battle Tag SnarkyGoblin#252523

Discord Tag Kujonen#7419

Country: Denmark

azuik202 Logo


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag kansen#2276

Discord Tag azuik202#5955

Country: France

Offlaner for "Les Hommes de Chromie-Gnons" and i still doesn't know where is my lane... - -" (french and english spoken)


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Dima#1236

Discord Tag D.#0061


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag KalM#2246

Discord Tag KalM#1152

Looking for a Div 1/Div 2 team for the upcoming HL season. My preferred roles are offlane and tank, although I can adapt. MMR: 2875


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Babylon#2391

Discord Tag 13abylon#7721

Playing for fun, jumping between diamond and platin

Darkcrash Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Darkcrash#21286

Discord Tag Darkcrash#1118

Country: Russian Federation

Main carry, but i can flex. Master-GM


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Mamba#21833

Discord Tag Mamba#6889

Country: Poland

Played all roles in history, mostly tank or sololane.

Razhag Logo


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Razhag#2142

Discord Tag Henrik.Rasmussen#1131

Country: Denmark

Main tank / Flex ranged looking for a team. Have been playing for the last 3 seasons - currently in Diamond 5. I primarily play Anub, Blaze, Cassia, and Kerrigan. https://www.heroesprofile.com/Profile/?blizz_id=4980093&battletag=Razhag&region=2

Kraon Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Kraon#1194

Discord Tag Kraon#7271

Healer of We Showed Up for 2 seasons, looking to heal new corpses! Hum... I meant buddies, of course!


Support Support

Battle Tag CARCHEDONIUS#2784

Discord Tag CARCHEDONIUS#8533

Playing for fun , mainly healer and ranged assassin as second role


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag CeeJ#2627

Discord Tag CeeJ#5724

UK Flex Player Plat. Looking to have fun and play some "comp style" hots again.

Suna Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Suna#21727

Discord Tag Suna#4917

I love good Team play and nice Wombo Combos. I mainly play Bruiser and Support but can flex on to Tank and Ranged dmg, but my Hero pool is not that large on Tank and Dmg. I'm quite a calm personality and don't tilt fast.


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag AndCookiie#2696

Discord Tag Milk And Cookiie#1238

Country: United Kingdom

Flex between ranged Damage, or support, with some experience in the other roles


Battle Tag Yaourt#2215

Discord Tag Vincent.M#5363

Main healer but can play whatever except melee assassin. I speak French and English.

5wag Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag swagdaddy69#21929

Discord Tag 5wag#3097



Flex Flex

Battle Tag bRNA#21212

Discord Tag bRNA#4671

I'm an italian doctor. Let's chill and pentakill them!

Sohvi Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Sohvi#21749

Discord Tag Sohvi#8019

I've played Hots for almost 6 years now. Never played in Heroes Lounge but feel like now is the time when storm league isn't giving me the thrills it used to. I've mained support for a couple of years. I'm all about a friendly atmosphere.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Krumplie#21776

Discord Tag Glarzen#7302

Country: Germany

Open minded and calm (always think positive!!) german Player who likes to play most melee heroes @ any role (Kerrigan, Rehgar, Tanks, Bruisers)

Reboot Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Reboot#2609

Discord Tag Reboot#2270

Stormy#2350 Logo


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Stormy#2350

Discord Tag Stormy#0313

Country: Denmark


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Wraysford#1496

Discord Tag Wraysford#7480

Ayris Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Ayris#2757

Discord Tag Ayris#5268

Country: Poland

Hi, my name is Alice and I'm ex-player Div 3 (Pepega Gaming team) Looking for a team for next season :) Mains - Ana, Rehgar, Malf, Anduin


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Ciaseka#2392

Discord Tag Stærkær#9059

Based in Aarhus, Denmark. I'm 21 years old and I study physics. I'm around master/gm, I'm an avid assasin/flex player, and I play alot of zeratul :)