[EU]Season 15 Participation

Kanapka Drwala Logo

Kanapka Drwala

Team Description:

Polish McDonalds season sandwich lovers

Shoryuken Logo


Team Description:

Dont forget the brothers who left: Evilcroco,Vash,Princessvid,banak

pepeMLADY Logo


Team Description:

pepeMLADY - Polish amateur team. Honorary members: RydzuSA, Sesabos, Gorerider, Najshere.

Super Unstoppabros Logo

Super Unstoppabros

Team Description:

"Even for me, it's sometimes very difficult to fathom my own ingenuity. Hereby, I present thee my latest artwork: Super Unstoppabros - Dami's crusade" 

Team F@T Logo

Team F@T

Team Description:

Avec Chachou, jamais de mauvaise nouvelle ! With TchaTchou, there is no bad news !

Sloth Highlords Logo

Sloth Highlords

Team Description:

En harudim Sloth Highlords ki nala atum uhn ore'ki atum uhn dara ma'nakai zira'vek kryor na vazeal korshala Adun zhakul inok zerashk gulida

Don Our Fedoras Logo

Don Our Fedoras

Team Description:

We're Don Our Fedoras, one of the oldest teams in Lounge. Descriptions seem like effort OSsloth

Delta Squadron Logo

Delta Squadron

Team Description:

Bunch of Polish players trying to get git gud

To be determined 2 Logo

To be determined 2

Team Description:

We are a small indie developer company - Blizzard 2020

LaFamilia Logo


Team Description:

You dont even ask with respect. You dont offer friendship. You dont even think to call me godfather.

Occulus Cat Fish Logo

Occulus Cat Fish

Team Description:

We like to play hots with an occulus system. Approved by fich and cats

Lachs Strikes Again Logo

Lachs Strikes Again

Team Description:

Lachs Strikes Again - a team of aspiring German try-hards. Currently in our 6th season Heroeslounge and hungry for more! We are always looking for scrims, please reach out to LSADrNick or LSALeeper!

Geld Gang Logo

Geld Gang

Team Description:


I thought this was ARAM Logo

I thought this was ARAM

Team Description:

Lured back to lounge by promise of ARAM tourney, got tricked into playing proper lounge AGAIN....

Turtle Team Logo

Turtle Team

Team Description:

Turtles on their backs do not slip on bananas !

Team Super Kuláks Logo

Team Super Kuláks

Team Description:

Hello there, fellow landowners! We are here to have fun, dodge some land confiscation and don't worry, thats not a pig's sound coming from the loft.

CoB Geile Banger Logo

CoB Geile Banger

Team Description:


- Halbraum sichern

- Wemmsen

- Polizei rufen

Pepega Gaming Logo

Pepega Gaming

Team Description:

5 Pepegas from Twitch chat. Sadge

Mofos of the storm Logo

Mofos of the storm

Team Description:

mrrrlgkfkgkglgmmmrlgkglg mrmrmrmglglglrmr;

More Than A Fish Logo

More Than A Fish

Team Description:

Death will rise, from the tides.

Apapolux Logo


Team Description:

We are the Apapolux!

Kurso Logo


Team Description:

We are learning how to möp

A journey we have lost but not the game

Norweaklings Logo


Team Description:

We might be weak by Norwegian standards, but this is going to be a walk in the park. ;)

Fast Feed Value Logo

Fast Feed Value

Team Description:

We feed fast

Norweeblings Logo


Team Description:

Reborn in the Nexus after getting brutally murdered by Truck-kun.

WHO-Brewmasters Logo


Team Description:

We are from the German WHO-Gaming (World Hots Organization). We play a lot HOTS and we are the WHO-Brewmasters

AkhundelarAcademy Logo


Team Description:

Nous sommes la pointe de la lance! The tip of the spear!

Yobsters Logo


Team Description:

Do we have to describe awesomeness?

KittyKat Crusaders Logo

KittyKat Crusaders

Team Description:

You think you're excited? You should feel my nipples.

The Rantners Logo

The Rantners

Team Description:

Part of Heroeslounge Since Season 9

Parnaby Logo


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Parnaby#2984

Discord Tag ParnabyPW#1771


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Krumpli#21776

Discord Tag Krumpli | Jojo#2234

Country: Germany

Open minded and calm german Player.

f4wk3s Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag F4wk3s#2647

Discord Tag f4wk3s#2405

Uther Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Korvadiel#2505

Discord Tag Korv#0210

Country: Norway

Betwixt the Plat Brat and the Diamond Hound. Mildly Breathtaking Laner for Hire.

DavidVampiro Logo


Tank Tank

Battle Tag DavidVampiro#2344

Discord Tag DavidVampiro#4312

Country: France

I have played HOTS for 5 years and gained a lot of knowledge in the game. Im motivated and easy going ^^

MeatBicycle Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag MeatBycicle#2692

Discord Tag Meat Bicycle#8161

Country: Netherlands

Been playing hots as my main game for about a year now, managed to get 2 accounts into low masters maining Alexstrasza, also feel comfortable playing most other healers like Ana, Brightwing, Uther, Auriel.


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Decayer#21879

Discord Tag Decayer | Tim#2998

Country: Germany


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Mamba#21833

Discord Tag Mamba#6889

Country: Poland

Played all roles in history, mostly tank or sololane.


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Ciaseka#2392

Discord Tag Ciaseka#9059

Based in Aarhus, Denmark. I'm 22 years old and I study physics. I'm around master/gm and an avid assasin/flex player :)

Valkyria Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Shirokey#2906

Discord Tag Valkyria#3746

Country: Austria

Master/GM player for quite a while. Playing Zul'jin, Valla, Dehaka, Alexstrasza mostly, though I do have very decent knowledge of other heroes as well, except tanks.

Istrebitel Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Istrebitel#2393

Discord Tag Istre#4361

Country: Spain

4K Master Healer and DPS scaling out of my mind. I also watch the CCL so that must mean I am almost a pro gamer.

Kraon Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Kraon#1194

Discord Tag Kraon#7271

Healer of We Showed Up for 2 seasons, looking to heal new corpses! Hum... I meant buddies, of course!

KatieFey Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag KatieFey#2130

Discord Tag DustyJim#1012

Country: Belarus

Sono un cazzone.

Cafell Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Cafell#2883

Discord Tag Cafell#4647

Kel'thuzad main silver player trying to get good. Open to fair criticism and a team to take me on. Probably suited to Division 7.

5wag Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag swagdaddy69#21929

Discord Tag 5wag#3097



Support Support

Battle Tag Korradin#2359

Discord Tag LagannImpact#0134

Country: Hungary


Flex Flex

Battle Tag MFPoison#2131

Discord Tag Máté#9431

Country: Hungary

I can speak English, and Hungarian. I'm playing for about a year. Never played is HL. As stated above flex, probably favourite pos is solo laner . Some of my top heroes: Tank: ETC, Diablo Bruiser: Xul, Leo Assa: Valla, Azmo, Zul, Butcher Heal: Morales

warzeus Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag warzeus#2122

Discord Tag warzeus#0115

Country: Sweden

I am God

Vigi Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Vigi#21325

Discord Tag Vigi#0921


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Flesch#21492

Discord Tag Flesch#5113

Country: Czech Republic

Playing HOTS for 5+ years already, wanting to improve to the next lvl of playing while still having fun playing the game. Curently in SL sitting around 2k master(so aiming to div 1-2), prefering ranged dps, but can fill to all roles (except melee assas).

gorzerz Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag NajebanyZerg#2819

Discord Tag Gorzerz#9054

Country: Poland

Hi I'm from Poland looking for a team to play in season 15 div 5/6 im plat at the moment i play mostly sololane and healer ^^


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Chosen#2833

Discord Tag Chosen#2137

German Player. LF Div2-3 Bruiser/Heal


Battle Tag Pelleman#2267

Discord Tag Pelleman#6877

Hey! I'm a player from Sweden that would like to join a team. I'm playing on a high diamond level, mainly as offlane and ranged assassin. Fluent in English and Swedish


Tank Tank

Battle Tag xXVirus#2379

Discord Tag Lord Somersby [HLR]#6455

Country: Poland

I fell in love with Nexus 5 years ago and still can't get enough. English speaking, Heroes Lounge newcomer. Diamond5, playing as flex, but when it comes to organizes gameplay I main tank role. Available everyday past 4 p.m. GMT +2.


Battle Tag TK3#21154

Discord Tag tk3koray#0192

Kaezu Logo


Battle Tag Kaezu#2887

Discord Tag KaezuHotS#8199

Country: Germany

Halcon06 Logo


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Halcon06#21867

Discord Tag Halcon06#1589

Im a midplat offlaner with a good heropool fresh from losing in the rare cup looking to play in div 4-5 next season. I have decent enough mechanics and good macro, and from inhouse and scrim experience I feel like i can play an a higher level. ;)

OnKingdomsEdge Logo


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag OnEdge#21182

Discord Tag OnKingdomsEdge#0224

Main Role: Offlane The main language is Russian. Slightly higher than bad knowledge of English. May talk about details in team

Calzador Logo


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Calzador#2669

Discord Tag Calzador#3926

Country: France

Hello ! Tank/flex player at Plat level. Native French and fluent English speaker.

Hope Logo


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Hope2live#21229

Discord Tag Hope#7599

Country: Germany

Country: Germany (fluent English)


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Naggab#2972

Discord Tag Naggab#3909

Volta Logo


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Volta#21694

Discord Tag volta#1258

Country: Czech Republic

Tank player from Czech Republic. Currently ranked silver 1 but still descending. Always love to play unorthodox strategies (5 globals, 2 main tanks one on offlane etc.) also Mediv comps are fun. Long time ago I used to play assassins in an actual team.


Battle Tag Malpercio#21283

Discord Tag Malpercio#3695

HoggerIngame Logo


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Hogger#22913

Discord Tag Unbekannt#1537

Country: Austria

Tassadar Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Tassadar#2530

Discord Tag Tassadar#0458

Country: United Kingdom

Flex player looking for serious games and to learn in a competitive environment.