[EU]Season 19 Participation

AFK For Cocoa Logo

AFK For Cocoa

Team Description:

Season 8 Division 5 Winners

Season 11 Division 4 Winners

Nexus Rumble III Lower Rumble Champions

Nexus Rumble IV Lower Rumble Champions

S17 Div 4 Cup Winners

Shoryuken Logo


Team Description:

Shoryuken was created by Takashi Nishiyama and it was Hiroshi Matsumoto's idea to make the move invincible. In the original Street Fighter it was a continuous attack that involves an uppercut that crushes the opponent's jaw followed up with a knee kick

Lazer Sharks Logo

Lazer Sharks

Team Description:

we have one simple request. and that is to have sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their heads.

Sloth Highlords Logo

Sloth Highlords

Team Description:

En aru'din Sloth Highlords ki nala atum, uhn ore'ki atum, uhn dara ma'nakai, zira'vek kryor! zhakul inok, zerashk gulida, na vazeal, Ik sha'bi, Taro ruul asz korshala the Highlord

The Wombat Factor Logo

The Wombat Factor

Team Description:

Have you ever considered The Wombat Factor? No? Then get ready to experience it!


Team Description:

We are the Moustaches, we love pandas, combing our beards and twirling moustaches.

LaFamilia Logo


Team Description:

You dont even ask with respect. You dont offer friendship. You dont even think to call me godfather.

Norweaklings Logo


Team Description:

We might be weak by Norwegian standards, but this is going to be a walk in the park. ;) -- Weebs out!

The Trying Dutchmen Logo

The Trying Dutchmen

Team Description:

3 Dutch guys, 1 Danish, 2 ex europeans just trying.



Team Description:

I am SUperzerg I am 1 Happy boy who wants to WIN THE GAME VERY MUCH and i really hope that we as 5 people will defeat the enemys AND have A LOT of fun :))

HaukiGaming Logo


Team Description:

TORILLE! We might not be the best team at HotS but we sure are entertaining. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAyCP_OnTKJmiW5QRmaTwDQ

Super Unstoppabros Logo

Super Unstoppabros

Team Description:

"Even for me, it's sometimes very difficult to fathom my own ingenuity. Hereby, I present thee my latest artwork: Super Unstoppabros - Dami's crusade" 

Oasis Gaming Logo

Oasis Gaming

Team Description:

Welcome to "The Oasis". We are fun, yet try harding community with free coaching, casting, weekly customs and active admin team to ban them toxic peeps. Come by, say "hi" and enjoy.

Kamelåså Logo


Team Description:

Vi.... Forstår... Ikke.... Hinanden...

HotS Musical Logo

HotS Musical

Team Description:

From opera to rock show and from rap to classical, we'll find the right song to accompany every HotS moment.

Grodbuss Logo


Team Description:

Welcome aboard the almighty Grodbuss! The wheels of the Grodbuss go boingboingboing!

Bakufu Logo


Team Description:

“Shogunate" or "bakufu" (幕府:ばくふ) is a term used for a shogun's office or government. The term “bakufu” referred to the headquarters of a general on the battlefield.

Mission: Unknown Logo

Mission: Unknown

Team Description:

Meticulous planning Tenacity spanning Decades of denial Is simply why I'll Be king undisputed Respected, saluted And seen for the wonder I am Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared Be prepared!


Flex Flex

Battle Tag boyod#2267

Discord Tag boyod#7738


Support Support

Battle Tag Todleise#21273

Discord Tag Todleise#4085

Country: Turkey

GM Pro Healer


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Zarikrhun#2138

Discord Tag Zarik_Rhun#9208

Country: Denmark

Celestina Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Celestina#2277

Discord Tag Celestina#4505

Country: United Kingdom

Collects Teddy bears, Disney and Pink stuff! Plays multiple games, Favourite is Dragon Age and Mass Effect Series, and The Witcher. Fallout 4 and Heroes Of The Storm :)

Kelermorph76 Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Kelermorph76#2540

Discord Tag KLMRPH76#6947

Country: Norway

Hi :D, I'm a bachelor student in biology. Computer games and tabletop game variants are also my cup of tea, even though I don't like the tea... Only the cup.


Battle Tag Jam31st#2536

Discord Tag Jam31st#1298

35 year old IT guy, currently dwindling between upper gold and lower plat in SL. Play most roles, normally happy to flex.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Plumpykind#2197

Discord Tag chris#0969

I need more ice cream.


Battle Tag mUnEyAl#2287

Discord Tag mUnEyAl#3597


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Soulfeast#1896

Discord Tag Soulfeast#8543

Country: Germany

mid master sucht Divison 1 Team

gfinger Logo


Tank Tank

Battle Tag gfinger#2252

Discord Tag gfinger#2116

Oreo44 Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Oreo#22709

Discord Tag Oreo44#5453

The thrill of the hunt is in the chase


Battle Tag SCOPEHGC2025#2143

Discord Tag Scope#2856


Support Support

Battle Tag Roy#31386

Discord Tag WongFungMing#7353

Country: Hong Kong

Thormodo Logo


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Thormodo#2155

Discord Tag Thormodo#5891

[Gold/Plat] I'm 33 and have a pretty flexible schedule so I can play on most days. I'm most comfortable on DPS, but I'm down to heal too (or fill other roles as a sub).


Battle Tag MrGUYZIF#2367

Discord Tag MrBeeJay (Bjornsun)#3014


Flex Flex

Battle Tag AlexKidd#21974

Discord Tag Alexkidd#9400

Country: Norway

Ixxen Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Ixxen#2180

Discord Tag Ixxen#6249

Dedicated healer, not playing rank and have a useless Rank, played as best in Div2, looking for Div 4+ Swedish, speaking very good english so no issues there! :)

DZH Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag DZH#2313

Discord Tag DZH#3575

Country: Russian Federation


Flex Flex

Battle Tag GEClassix#2539

Discord Tag Classix#5420

Country: Germany

Hi there, Classix here! Relaxed and chill heroes enthusiast. Was captain & shotcaller of Team Pyrolyse Nevermind Season 4&5. Ended both seasons 6th &9th. Rankend between low Master / high diamond in HL& TL in most seasons. Prefer brusier/tank/mage

Thys Logo


Battle Tag MrAgrar#1809

Discord Tag Thys#4803

Country: Belgium

I can fill.


Battle Tag Symphony#21578

Discord Tag Vanguards#3516

Country: Italy

Hi, I'm 26yo ranged-flex Grandmaster player