When Heroes Lounge was first created, there was no way of knowing the enormous, and amazing community that would have formed around it.

Although at the start it was just myself, the ongoing success of Heroes Lounge can be attributed to the outstanding support from a few individuals competing and helping within it, and I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge these people.

To begin, there are a couple of those who have been there from the start and aided immeasurably in ensuring that Heroes Lounge would run smoothly. To that I would like to thank both Heartless, and MacDino for continuing to make sure that everything does not completely fall into chaos. The amount of time you have volunteered to make Heroes Lounge great has been invaluable.

Also, Balabub for the enormous effort of keeping the blog posts coming, and keeping control of the social media, I cannot thank you all enough. Similarly, VenoM, your help in initially casting some of the first Heroes Lounge games and setting up the channel helped get the ball rolling onto a major part of the Lounge.

A huge amount of gratitude goes towards our moderators and organisers that keep Heroes Lounge running on a daily bases. Kandera, Pittor, CptRaynor, Robb/Tobb and Halloween in particular. The efforts you have put in have been immeasurable in keeping the league at the standard it is currently at.

Now, when it comes to the web developers, behind the scenes an enormous amount of time, and effort has gone into both keeping the old site running, as well as creating the marvellous new site we find ourselves here today. Words cannot truly express how thankful I am for the work that has gone into this. ZalzDecay and Epixors, I do not know how I could thank you enough for everything you have done for Heroes Lounge. Without your unending efforts we would still be stuck with the first website I made, which we all know wouldn't have managed for very long.

Last, but not least, I would like to take the chance to thank all the players and participants in Heroes Lounge.
Together we have grown into much more than just a League, but a fantastic community which I am proud to just be a part of. Your support over the seasons has meant so much, and I just hope we can keep it going for a long time to come.