Playoff Schedule (Season 7):

Season 7 Tiebreakers (if needed)

29th - 30th Sept 2018 (before 18:00 CEST on the 30th)

Season 7 Draw Show

30th Sept 2018 (20:00 CEST)

Heroes Lounge Cup Group Games

1st - 12th Oct 2018

Heroes Lounge Cup Finals Weekend

13th - 14th Oct 2018

Heroes Lounge Championship Group Games 

1st - 19th Oct 2018

Heroes Lounge Championship Finals Weekend 

20th - 21st Oct 2018

Playoff Qualification & Format:

  • The top 10 teams from Division 1, and the top 6 teams from Division 2 will qualify for the “Championship”

  • The top 6 teams from Division 3, the top 5 teams from Division 4 and the top 5 teams from Division 5 will qualify for the “Cup”

  • Each group of 16 teams will be seeded into 4 pools, then drawn 1 pool at a time into 4 groups. These 4 groups will have to play a round robin bo3 between themselves, with the 1st team being seeded into the upper bracket of a double elimination tournament, and the 2nd and 3rd placed teams being seeded into the lower bracket

  • Both double elimination tournaments will be played over the weekends specified above

Rule changes for the playoffs:

  • A player is only eligible to play for one team throughout the duration of the playoffs. If the player is a sub they must be added to the sub register for that team.
  • Subs have to be approved by a Moderator before the game starts. Opposing team still has to be informed.
  • There is no MMR limit on subs for the Championship. The MMR limit for subs during the Cup is 2600.
  • There is no limit for the amount of games a sub is used in.

Additional rules for the playoff weekends:

  • Maximum of 10-minute delay per game. Opposing team is not allowed to extend the delay.

  • Subs must be approved before 12:00 at the start of each day. 

  • Subs-mid tournament (after 12:00) are allowed, but opposing team always has to agree.


To take part in playoffs a team must be available both Saturday and Sunday throughout the playoff weekend!