[NA]Season 3 Participation



Team Description:

Division 3 team looking to have some fun, compete, and try to improve. Grownups with jobs and families who still like to play and compete. Our style is aggressive, looking to punish the opponent at every opportunity.

Annie Oak League Logo

Annie Oak League

Team Description:

Annie is the Rootin' Tootin' Gunslingin' cowgirl starring in her very own Wild West HOTS Extravaganza!!! Watch her dial up her skills on the competition. She promises to keep the chat rooms filled and the phone lines busy! Kids get FREE TRIAL CD!

Cobra Chicken Logo

Cobra Chicken

Team Description:

Death by a Gaggle of Cobra Chickens sounds bad, doesn't it? Well, it's worse than you think. Fear the Honk

Who Knows Gaming Logo

Who Knows Gaming

Team Description:

Looking at just starting out to have fun and while working improving game play. Starting a new team and looking for players who are wanting to start in amateur series also. Would like to get couple practices each week in as a team.

Scorpius Eternum Logo

Scorpius Eternum

Team Description:

We Failed alot.... We will Fail no more. Beware of the Bugs

WeThePepegas Logo


Team Description:

Easy going team looking to improve and have fun. We are made up of silver and bronze players so far.

Cloud 10

Team Description:

Cloud 10 Esports. Check out Jeety feeding.

Clown Fiesta Logo

Clown Fiesta

Team Description:

We're hoping to avoid the clown fiesta plays common in lower divisions. Join us if you're motivated to train, learn meta strategies, pick and ban strategically, and work on expanding hero pools ! With any luck, the worst thing about us will be the banner.

U.S. Army esports Logo

U.S. Army esports

Team Description:

We are the U.S. Army esports Heroes of the Storm team. Our goal is to bring awareness about the U.S. Army and its newly forming E-sports teams


Support Support

Battle Tag IamTHEBOOKIE#1240

Discord Tag IamTHEBOOKIE#2659

Main Support - Favorites - Morales/Lucio/Lili/BW/Aurial/Rehgar/Anduin


Flex Flex

Battle Tag SCaReCRoW#1759

Discord Tag SCaReCRoW#0572

Tanks - ETC, Garrosh, Diablo, Arthas Ranged - Hanzo, Genji, Valla, Raynor, Zagara, Sylv Melee - Thrall, Malth, Sonya, Maeiv Support - Ana, BW, Morales


Flex Flex

Battle Tag blindferret#11448

Discord Tag Blind Ferret#0072


Flex Flex

Battle Tag thetophat#1916

Discord Tag ztatik#4910


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag D4rkZ3r0#11373

Discord Tag D4rkZ3r0#6666

A Steady Blade Balances The Soul


Support Support

Battle Tag OmegaZZ#1296

Discord Tag OmegaZZ#9107

ldlazaro Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag knotai#11450

Discord Tag ldlazaro#0501

odlazaro#1795 and I are friends that like to have fun with the game and just want to get better.


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag macrobes#1472

Discord Tag Macrobes#7219

I watched a bunch of DIV 7 on KhaldorTube and thought, why not? Bruiser/Tank/Ranged dps. Or Rhegar.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Wreckdom#1257

Discord Tag Solraze#2188

Country: United States

Love the game and want to get better. Perf Bruiser or Tank but can flex other roles. Currently low Plat Storm League.

creeperzcyborg Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag creeperzbot#1347

Discord Tag creeperzcyborg#5341

I love HotS!

s3v3n Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag snorlax#12221

Discord Tag s3v3n#4593

Longtime player looking to get back into coordinated play. Used to play Chair League. Mostly play support and ranged. Fav heroes: Ana, Andy, Alarak. I also like other heroes that appear later in the alphabet like Falstad and Jaina. Even Zag.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag JiveTurkey#1447

Discord Tag JiveTurkey#4656

Country: Korea, Republic of

Just a dad that loves to play HoTS. American living in South Korea right now so my timing will be off but still manageable. Usual Tank or Bruiser

Yendor Relgnad

Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Yendor#11165

Discord Tag Yendor Relgnad#3241

I play a wide range of heroes but prefer to play assassins, melee or ranged. I have perhaps the most important ability in the game, availability. Silver 2 at the moment but have been up to G2 this season.


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Tryngo#1313

Discord Tag tryngo#5969


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Yotaru#1506

Discord Tag Yotaru#3133

Flex Player Melee: Zeratul, Maiev, Greymane Off-Lane: Rexxar, Sonya, Malth, Leoric, Thrall Ranged: Raynor, Hanzo, Tracer, Fenix, Li-Ming, Valla Tanks: ETC, Johanna, Muradin, Stitches, Garrosh, Anub Support: Medivh, Aba Healer: Ana, Anduin, Malf, Deckard


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Psionic#11871

Discord Tag Psionic#0150

Majinnee Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Majinnee#1540

Discord Tag Majinnee#3026

Vivec Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Vivec#6494

Discord Tag Britney Spears#9173

I am an Australian Hots player looking to join a team. I can play most roles, but mostly enjoy a specialist or a support, and the occasional mage when im not allowed either.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag XIXchillzXIX#1991

Discord Tag XLX CHILLZ XLX#9879

I am always on the hunt to win and strive to do better each and every time I play. Captain of Team Kickapoo

Zloth Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag Zloth#11634

Discord Tag Zloth#1215

Country: United States

Heya- I play Abathur, healers, main tanks, and some bruisers. I've been playing HotS since closed beta and competed in Heroes of the Dorm. I placed 4th in the Heroes Draft S2 finals. Other games I enjoy are Atlas Reactor, BattleCON, and Battlerite!

CanadianGeno Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag ACanadian#1261

Discord Tag Geno#2495

Country: Canada

::Healers:: Lili, Deckard Cain, Anduin, Malfurion, Uther, Lt. Morales ||>||::Tank /Bruiser::


Battle Tag Lyfekeeper#1395

Discord Tag Billygoatscruff#2260


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag thompsonx19#1386

Discord Tag thompsonx19#0037

Casual Player of Hots looking to find a team and workout on strategy. I want to play with people that want to play seriously and with a voice chat. I can play tanks or Dps, I like playing Thrall, Li ming , tyrande, etc, guldan and more

Monix Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Monix#11977

Discord Tag Monix#7214

Main ranged assassin and healer. I can fill any role. Prefer not to Tank.


Battle Tag GeekGunner#1196

Discord Tag SYNfidel#6549

Plat 4 Medivh Main, looking for a fun but competitive team.


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag StarPretzel#1898

Discord Tag StarPretzel#8924

Country: United States

SL Gold. Placed last season in Div 3. Played mostly ranged damage but I am capable of filling any role with some guidance. Looking to play with a supportive group under the guidance of a strong leader.


Battle Tag JohnGoodman#11750

Discord Tag sully#8808

Country: United Kingdom

Playing HOTS since Beta, low diamond / high plat rank. I frequently play Johanna as maintank when playing in stacks with friends I can also play Muradin in the tank role as well. Solo queue I am an Azmodan main but can flex around as well.

DKDaddyGamer Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Shimicowi#1585

Discord Tag DKDaddyGamer#5516

Country: United States


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Rend#11696

Discord Tag Rend#1130

Country: United States

Jakuval Logo


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Jakuval#1480

Discord Tag Jakuval#6612


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Fain#1114

Discord Tag Fain#0189

Plat NA central player


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag ellixya#1526

Discord Tag ellixya#8219

Ranged AA - Valla, Tracer, Raynor, Falstad Healer - Ana, Brightwing, Lucio, Morales, Alexstraza Bruiser - Dehaka, Sonya NA

titansking Logo


Battle Tag titansking#1752

Discord Tag ViNamCoffee#7301

Im here to look for funny egirls(dont catfish me) who can shine on me in the dark internet world. Im surrounded with monkeys who keep inting and healers who wont sacrifice themself for my life. I am what important. You better stfu when i talk. Thanks<3UwU


Battle Tag Mathaholica#1212

Discord Tag Mathaholica#8009


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Dully#1759

Discord Tag nick ,#2713

Flex Player, can fill most roles except for healer. currently sitting in plat.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag archenok#1521

Discord Tag archenok#3360

Country: Canada

I try to be a bruise-y tank, a tanky bruiser, a supportive healer, and a totally seige spec. But there's only a few assassins I do, and mostly not very well and all of course off-meta. oh I get creative and type out the above and Blizz changes the Roles.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Ryzzo#1878

Discord Tag ryzzo#4876

Comfortable playing nearly all of the heroes, happy to practice specific ones.


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Vellira#1976

Discord Tag Lupitz#6925

Hello! Been playing and watching heroes from the start, play at high plat low diamond in solo storm, want to get more exp in 5's, epic ranged assassin can play anything with enough practice

LordMcNasty Logo


Tank Tank

Battle Tag LordMcNasty#1479

Discord Tag oLeMcNasty#9260

Country: United States

Competitive gamer for years. Play pretty much every role equally, I'd say support the least. Thorough understanding of the game. Want to find people willing to go over footage together and grow. Looking for EST players as time zones effect practice.


Support Support

Battle Tag AFluffyBunny#1642

Discord Tag AFluffyBunny#0812

I'm a Medivh main but I could play anything. I'd like to be part of a team that's willing to put in the practice time to win. GL HF everyone


Tank Tank

Battle Tag Thebigmoose#1300

Discord Tag thebigmoose#5895

Muradin, Diablo, Malfurion, Cassia, Falstad, and a lil bit of Imperious.... currently trying to slog my way out of bronze

CRiSPYjay Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag CRiSPYjay#1521

Discord Tag Jawz#0236

Here to have fun and be the best player I possibly can! Iandi!


Support Support

Battle Tag Sukodin#1345

Discord Tag Sukodin#3307

I prefer to heal but can also play ranged DPS. Looking for more people to form a solid team to win. Currently in gold or high silver with solo queue's mostly.

eNvy Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag eNvy#1983

Discord Tag eNvy#3281

Country: Canada

I'm eNvy. I was the healer for Phi Mu Rho, the winners of the 2019 NA Div 2 Legendary Cup in July. I hear I'm getting a trophy to prove it.

texastboneking Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag tboneking#11134

Discord Tag texastboneking#7034

Country: United States

Heavy equipment tech by day, pc and car nut by night. communication in game is key. currently silver, first season ever in ranked. started bronze 5. havent played too much ranked unfortunately.. https://www.hotslogs.com/Player/Profile?PlayerID=11304565


Battle Tag Wrekt#1962

Discord Tag Rekt#3349


Flex Flex

Battle Tag SuperStyxx#1176

Discord Tag dtek00#1367


Flex Flex

Battle Tag ProShock#1565

Discord Tag ProShock#1359