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What is The Nexus Rumble?

The Nexus Rumble is alternative Ladder series every Monday, cast on the Heroes Lounge Twitch channel! A mix of providing the best entertainment for viewers and the most competitive matches for the players involved to see who is the best in the Nexus across divisions.

Starting at 20:00 CET, teams that have signed up for that week will be matched against the best suited two opponents for the night.

20:00 CET first Best of 2 - map pool of 5,  (1 map ban each)

21:00 CET second Best of 2 - new map pool of a different 5 maps (1 map ban each)

You earn 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

This gives a fantastic opportunity for you to face teams from different divisions and have an additional competitive experience outside of the main season!

For the Season 23 Version of the Nexus Rumble, we will look to have 9 Weeks of "League" matches, and then Semi and Grand finals in following weeks.

Who Can Play:

Any team registered on the Heroes Lounge website can enter the Nexus Rumble.

You must have 5 players or more on your team to compete in the Nexus Rumble.

For our Lower Division, you must be in Division 4 or 5 or have a Team MMR below Div 3 MMR.


The Nexus Rumble is every Monday! 20:00 CET!

Two games are cast on

You need to sign up every week if you wish to play HERE


We use the ruleset from the normal season, Subs should be no higher Division 3 for the Lower Rumble, and advised to not be no higher than 3125 MMR for the Upper Rumble (unless that team is from division 1), however this is advisory for the Upper Rumble and not a rule. All subs additionally need to be approved by Transparent or Azok.

So come signup here and try to be the true Champion of the Nexus Rumble!