Offmeta Maps [EU] Signups Open

Sunday, 1st of March

Offmeta Maps [EU] Signups Close  

Wednesday, 11th of March (23:59 CET)

Offmeta Maps [EU] End of group stage  
Friday, 3rd of April
Offmeta Maps [EU] Knockout Tournament

Sunday, 5th of April


Banned Heroes/Bugs/Talents/Skins


  • All Heroes, Bugs, Talents and Skins that are banned in the regular Heroes Lounge Season are also banned in the Offmeta Maps Tournament

  • The same rules as in the regular Heroes Lounge Season apply for dealing with a banned Talent, Hero, Bug or Skin

  • For reference see:



  • Games in the Offmeta Maps Tournament will be played as Best of 3 in the group stage.

  • The group stage is a round robin format.

  • Anyone competing in the Heroes Lounge Offmeta Maps Tournament is required to be registered on our website.

  • You are allowed to sign up as an individual (free agent), a partial team, or a full team. Partial teams will be filled with free agents after the deadline. 

    • Note: A team must consist of at least 5, but no more than 9 players.

  • The tournament will consist of a group stage and a final bracket stage. The exact schedule and group size will be announced at a later stage. (Depending on sign ups)

  • The map pool for the tournament is: Braxis Holdout, Blackhearts Bay, Garden of Terror, Hanamura, Haunted Mines, Lost Caverns (Tournament Draft) and Warhead Junction

  • Every team competing in the Heroes Lounge Offmeta Maps Tournament is responsible to have an active captain with the 'captain' discord role to relay important information to the rest of the team.

  • Failure to follow these rules may result in either an official warning, loss of match or removal from Heroes Lounge.

  • Please note that all decisions on rule breaches are subject to moderator ruling. The moderators decision is final. 

Delay of Map

  • Each team has a 10 minute time pool per map for delays. 

    • Note: This time pool can be used in case a team is late for showing up, has any technical issues or is trying to find a substitute player.

    • Once a game has started, pauses are allowed for technical issues only. Pauses for any other reasons will be subject to a potential game forfeit.

  • The 10 minute time pool only starts once a captain (or player acting as captain) has stated they are starting the timer in the relevant match lounge. This will start the timer from the time the message was posted.

  • After a team’s timepool has expired, the opposing team gets the win by default for that map, unless the opposing team’s captain allows an extension of the timepool or wishes to reschedule.

  • Directly after a map ends, teams are allowed to have a break of a maximum of 5 minutes to sort out anything they have to before starting the next draft. After these 5 minutes, the 10 minute time pool per map for delays rule is in effect


  • The specific date and time of each match must be organized amongst the appropriate teams. Each match must be played within the timeframe given for the current phase.

  • The final bracket stage matches must be played according to the pre released schedule

  • Once a date is agreed on, it must be submitted to the tournament calendar in your local time.

  • Failure to be proactive in scheduling with an opponent will result in a loss of the match. Repeat offenders will be banned from the tournament.

  • Failure to schedule a match on the calendar prior to the next phase starting will result in a tie

  • Failure to reschedule within the allotted time frame will result in a tie.

  • All teams in North America should play their games on Central server UNLESS both teams have agreed to play it on West server


  • At least 3 out of 5 people from the core roster must be playing during a match. If a team is unable to field their roster (including substitute players) on time, the ruling “Delay of Map” will apply.

  • In case a team wants to field a substitute player, the captain has to inform the opposing team’s captain of this and provide a link to the substitute player’s Heroes Profile page.

  • In case a team wants to field a substitute player, the opposing team’s captain is allowed to deny this substitute player in case: 

    • The substitute player doesn’t have a Heroes Profile page.

  • All substitutes must be registered on the website and be approved by a moderator.

Observing and Casting

  • Teams must allow assigned Lounge casters as observers to their matches. The casters may not be a part of either team (sister teams are allowed). You can find the assigned casters on the calendar. Casters not on the calendar are not allowed to join the game.

  • If teams have an issue with the assigned caster(s) the issue needs to be discussed with the relevant stream manager before the match starts.

  • Heroes Lounge appointed admins must also be allowed as required.

  • POV streams are allowed, but the opponent must be notified and a link to the stream must be provided. The POV stream cannot be denied.

  • Any other observers (such as coaches) are not allowed during matches


  • The Map pool for the tournament is:  Braxis Holdout, Blackhearts Bay, Garden of Terror, Hanamura, Haunted Mines, Lost Caverns (Tournament Draft) and Warhead Junction

  • The draft will start with the map draft. When available, use the command "!match" in the appropriate match_lounge channel which will assign your team map pick or first pick. The team with map pick is regarded as Team A. Team B will go second.

    • Team A will ban a map from the map pool of the tournament
      Team B will ban a map from the map pool of the tournament
      Team A will pick a map from the map pool of the tournament that is not banned

  • Starting side is based upon the order in the match listing on the website. The first team will be on the blue side, the second team will be on the red side.

  • All match related communication between two teams must be done in the relevant match lounge

  • The lobby mode has to be set to “Tournament Draft.”

  • The team that chose the map goes second in the hero draft.

  • The losing team of each subsequent map in the match will be able to choose either to pick the next map, or to go first in the hero draft. This decision must be written down in the appropriate match_lounge channel.  

Submitting Scores

  • After each match, the score must be reported by one of the team members of either team. This is done by uploading the replays of the maps played.

  • Failure to report the score before the next phase starts will flag both teams as inactive and disqualify teams from advancing

  • If there are any disputes over the score, contact a Heroes Lounge moderator on Discord

Code of Conduct

  • Displaying unsportsmanlike conduct could result in the loss of the match. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to, verbally assaulting anyone involved in the match or the using of fake accounts and or smurfs. b-steps and sprays are allowed, excessive use will be deemed as unsportsmanlike behaviour.

  • In the case of your account getting banned you are not allowed to use another account to play your matches.

  • Heroes Lounge reserves the right to remove teams and players who exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct from the competition.

  • Moderators of Heroes Lounge have the right to decide if an account is a smurf or eligible to play at their own discretion

MMR and Roster Changes

  • The Heroes Lounge Offmeta maps Tournament does not use any MMR restrictions

  • To change your roster Captains must message a Heroes Lounge moderator on Discord