[NA]Season 5 Participation

Scorpius Exterminatus Logo

Scorpius Exterminatus

Team Description:

From the bane of Orion ,World Breakers....
 We good

Blackheart’s Booty Logo

Blackheart’s Booty

Team Description:

Elite gamers striving for a taste of that fine booty

TRSG! Knights Logo

TRSG! Knights

Team Description:

We are a sister team to Team Rainbow Strike Go (TRSG).

Free Hong Kong Logo

Free Hong Kong

Team Description:

Looking to have some fun, compete, and try to improve. Grownups with jobs and families who still like to play and compete. Our style is aggressive, looking to punish the opponent at every opportunity.

U.S. Army esports Logo

U.S. Army esports

Team Description:

We are the U.S. Army esports Heroes of the Storm team. Our goal is to bring awareness about the U.S. Army and its newly forming E-sports teams

Tentative Team Name Logo

Tentative Team Name

Team Description:

Were gonna slam ourselves with a bludgeon

Annie Oak League Logo

Annie Oak League

Team Description:

Annie is the Rootin' Tootin' Gunslingin' cowgirl starring in her very own Wild West HOTS Extravaganza!!! Watch her dial up her skills on the competition. She promises to keep the chat rooms filled and the phone lines busy! Get your FREE TRIAL CD!

Third Eye Logo

Third Eye

Team Description:

Unspoken chemistry - just looking to have some fun!

Limit Break ! Logo

Limit Break !

Team Description:

New Team but not new into the leagues scene ! Here to get better and break our Limit ! we are here to play for fun , win some games but more importantly to learn ! we can scrim , just hit me up ! This team is an french canadian team !

Globo Gym Purple Cobras Logo

Globo Gym Purple Cobras

Team Description:

We're better than you, and we know it. Sign up now

Late to Objective Logo

Late to Objective

Team Description:

We're just a group of folks who play HOTS and never arrive to objectives on time

Press Forward Logo

Press Forward

Team Description:

We are a new team :) a bunch of friends who like to laugh and troll together.


Battle Tag DTM#11959

Discord Tag banana999#2908


Support Support

Battle Tag zagi#1336

Discord Tag Ackdamn#0528

leodark Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag LeoDark#1111

Discord Tag leodark#3989

SmorcKiller Logo


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag SmorcKiller#1782

Discord Tag SmorcKiller#2745

Country: United States

Prefer to play ranged DPS. Mostly AA heroes. Can flex solo/tank.


Battle Tag NoBigNeil#1598

Discord Tag Devon#5790

Country: Canada

Flexible with any role but tanking. Looking for like minded people who want to improve and learn more about the game in a more structured, competitive environment.


Support Support

Battle Tag chopper#1374

Discord Tag Homebrewhero#3352

Support main can play a verity of other roles.


Battle Tag Zakncnp#1573

Discord Tag Blasko#9144


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Philo#11786

Discord Tag Philo#4540

Looking for a consistent team to improve with. I can flex into anything. Ranged Assassin least frequent. Hoping to main offlane.

Spankis2 Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Spankis#1987

Discord Tag Spankis#7448

Country: Canada


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Natural#1451

Discord Tag Natural#6942

NA EST. Ranged Assassin player. Prefer AA role. Best heroes -> Valla->tracer->Li - Ming ->Greymane ->Raynor -> Hanzo

Marbuckle Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Marbuckle#1732

Discord Tag Horsea#2137

Flex player love playing ranged assassin and support. Team player and love working with people in the hopes of making them and myself better at the game.

Klamus Logo


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Klamus#1357

Discord Tag Klamus#3420

Mostly prefer Malthael or Auriel. Totally open to learn and practice

Jakuval Logo


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Jakuval#1480

Discord Tag Jakuval#6612

Silver/Gold Player. Mainly play AA DPS and Off-Lane Heroes. Looking for a team where I can fit in, contribute, and grow as a player.

llamazerg Logo


Support Support

Battle Tag LLAMAZERG#1615

Discord Tag Shaylana#5287

Terrible Leader, amazing at following directions. Healer Main, but can play other roles. Been playing a long time, and would like to start playing more competitively. West Coast Player, works M-F 8-5pm.


Flex Flex

Battle Tag bmtc#1249

Discord Tag bmtc#8403

Just here to have fun, play games, and learn to get better as I go. I can flex into any role (except melee assassin).

Phaseshifter Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag Phaseshifter#1283

Discord Tag Phaseshifter#2236

Play a lot of Bruisers. Tracer main. Can play any role but mages.

sonuvaharris Logo


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag sonuvaharris#1986

Discord Tag sonuvaharris#7709

Ranged/melee dps and tank


Tank Tank

Battle Tag djcorn#1255

Discord Tag djcorn#1811

Wrekt Logo


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Wrekt#1962

Discord Tag Rekt#3349

Can flex as tank, offlane or ranged dps


Flex Flex

Battle Tag YogiDaBear#1984

Discord Tag Yogi (NA)#8698


Flex Flex

Battle Tag Rage#12860

Discord Tag Rage#7553

I have played Blizzard games competitively for years. SC, Wow and now Heroes of the Storm. I just need to find a team to play with. I am a serious competitive player, looking for other serious and mature players. Please reach out I like to chat.


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag h03sph#1345

Discord Tag h03sph#7504

Can play tank and bruiser. Looking for like minded people who want learn more about the game in a more competitive environment.


Assassin Assassin

Battle Tag Ghost#15186

Discord Tag EmperorThicc#6586

Ranged assassin main. Very good with Genji but also able to play most other roles well except support. Looking to go competitive, hmu if you want any replays or are interested in picking up.


Support Support

Battle Tag FrecklePants#1311

Discord Tag frecklebob#8302

Plat support main. Can flex if needed.


Support Support

Battle Tag Stealthskill#1219

Discord Tag Stealth234#0690

Looking to find a party to heal for and rank up :)


Bruiser Bruiser

Battle Tag Fain#1114

Discord Tag Fain#0189

Plat NA central player

sarge Logo


Ranged Flex Ranged Flex

Battle Tag sarge#1892

Discord Tag sarge1079#6539


Tank Tank

Battle Tag bAnKaii#11150

Discord Tag bankai#8407


Battle Tag Goose#1698

Discord Tag goose#2184