Jan 10, 2018 Heroes News

New patch brings various changes

Today, Blaze has arrived to the Nexus and with him several changes to Battleground and their Mercs and Bosses.

But this is not the only change we see in this patch. To reduce the pushing power of camps since the big Heroes of the Storm 2018 Gameplay update, the damage of the towers were increased overall and the early and late game scalings of some of the camps and bosses were adjusted as well. In the official Patch Notes the Developer commented the changes as follows.

Developer Comment: As expected, our gameplay update for 2018 resulted in large changes to many of our game systems. While we’re overall happy with the direction of the update, there have been some unintended side effects that we’re hoping to remedy. We overestimated how much more powerful unlimited ammo would be for Structures, and as a result pushing mechanics have become too strong, resulting in lower game times on nearly all maps. We’re giving our towers some of their teeth back with this update, which should help teams hold pushes from Mercenary Camps and map events. We’re also making some tuning changes to some of our Mercenary Camps now that we have had some time to see how they have been performing. Hellbats and Knights in particular are pushing harder than we would like, so we’re reducing their power. We’re also taking a look at the Warhead Junction boss and reducing its early and mid-game pushing power, as right now it is too strong when combined with Nukes from the map event. Lastly, we are reducing the power of Regeneration Globes. While we like the new mini-game that Neutral Regen globes provide in the laning phase, we are not comfortable with how much they are currently benefitting the team that is ahead while they are pushing into a defending team. We’re also seeing players picking up more Regeneration Globes in general, so this will help to keep the game’s overall sustain in check. These are some hefty changes, and it’s likely that there will be more needed to be done over time as things continue to settle. We’ll be keeping an eye on things, and are prepared to make more updates as they’re needed.

In addition, we got changes for Heroes like Hanzo, Nova, Samuro, Valeera, Zeratul, Garrosh, Johanna, and probably most important - the reworked Malfurion. Make sure to check out all the changes before you head into your Heroes Lounge matches.

Please find the official Patch Notes here.

Blaze currently banned in Heroes Lounge

As usual with new additions to the Heroes pool of our favorite MOBA, Blaze will be banned for two and a half rounds, i.e., for rounds 7 to 9. To always stay up-to-date with the allowed picks in Heroes Lounge matches, we want you to check regularly the rules page where you can find all the information on the top. If you are more the social-media user, than do not hesitate to follow us on Twitter and get all news from there.


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