Feb 03, 2019 JScottGhost Announcement Division S EU

Tonight is the 2nd and final night for Division S Qualifiers #1! After a great first day of HOTS action, we've got another day of epic quality matches!

Each of these teams have fought their way through the bracket and will now clash to see who can move on to capture that first guaranteed spot for Division S. The action and casting will be great as we have an entire list of casters ready to take on the action. Listed below are those willing to walk you through the 2nd day of our tournament. We hope you enjoy all the action!

Starting at 8 PM CET /2 PM EST /11 AM PT

Washed Up, made up of Menehots, HasuObs, JayPL, SmX, and ethernal, started their journey in Round 2 of the first Division S Qualifier versus Hold_my_Beer. A 2-0 in that match allowed moved them to Round 3 where they faced off with Forty-Two Esports. Washed up was able to secure the victory and head into the Quarterfinals to face Go Next. Watch their first game against Go Next being cast by Gravesville

Go Next  (Chelvin, SkynoxLFT, MaxPassion, Wit, Skogh) started their journey in Round 3 as they had a bye in the first round and the Round 1 teams they were supposed to face were a no show. This moved them into Round 3 and placed them against 23 never forget. After pulling out a bigger win on Battlefield of Eternity, they had a hard fought battle on Infernal Shrines to secure their spot in the Quarterfinals. Today they face Washed Up in their first match. Tune in to see the battle against Washed up being cast by Gravesville

aLbeus'r fnaculb or Lauber's FanClub (Henn1ng, FuryHeroes, lauber, Svampgrotta, and shawzie44) started in Round 2 after a Round 1 bye. After playing KFC Black and winning the series in a 2-1, aLbeus'r fnaculb moved to Round 3 and faced 404 Skill Not Found. With a quick 2-0 they were able to set themselves up for a push towards the finals. Can they beat Team Russia? Find out: Khaldor, Milosh/Moona (RUS), Tazzdingo (GER)

Team Russia (stalkeba, FarlendeR, KolyaMarzhin, MrBanaBeer, shmzlo) has come into Division S Qualifier #1 after a win at the EU Nexus Contest. Using that momentum, they pulled convincing wins in Round 2 and Round 3, defeating AntIMeta and Silver 1. Headed into the Quarterfinals against aLbeus'r fnaculb, Team Russia will have to play it's hardest to overcome the former pros, but they could still win it all. Cast in several different languages: Khaldor, Milosh/Moona (RUS), Tazzdingo (GER)

Memeldors Meme Machines. (Deathknight, Martin, Maikeru, smaragd, Slake) are the current top of Division 1 in Heroes Lounge. MMM have pushed their way from Round 1, only one of two teams in the quarterfinals to have done so. MMM started in Round 1 with a match vs. Grumstrup Legacy. After getting the 2-0 there, they moved into the second round to face Digital_Mousquetaires, where they also got the 2-0. In Round 3, MMM pulled out their third 2-0 of the tournament to end up in the quarterfinals. Does this Division 1 team have what it takes to make it to the finals? We'll have to wait and see. Watch it with Halloween & Jabroni, JoyKPitax (POL)

What does the photographer say (Berghult, Galnegunnar, Jia, Makke, zzz) started this tournament with a bye in Round 1. They then had to take on QM Genji and were able to pull out the 2-0. In Round 3, their opponent was Sometimes Minion Genocide. Both games were heavily in the favor of What does the photographer say and that 2-0 victory put them in the quarterfinals. But what do Halloween & Jabroni, JoyKPitax (POL) say? 

Coming Through (Guru, robadobah, Cronaz, Cris, and Munky) started their day in Round 2 vs. Nameless. After getting the 2-0, they took on Heroes Lounge Division 1 team Ryzing Gaming in Round 3. Coming Through dominated both of the games and pulled out the 2-0. Can they live up to their moniker and take the finals? We'll have to wait and see. Tetcher is making sure we can find out! 

LFT for Div S. (BananaH, Daykwaza, Tobos, Nesdip, and Mascarade) had to fight their way to the quarterfinals from Round 1, one of only two teams to do so. They easily pushed past their first opponent in a 2-0 victory. In Round 2, Herbania eSports gave them a challenge in Game 1, but they were able to pull out an easier victory on Tomb of the Spider Queen to get the 2-0. No Rofl from Heroes Lounge Division 1 team was their third matchup, and again LFT for Div S were able to get the wins in the first two games to take another 2-0, though the games were not easy. It looks like it's been a tough road for them, and their next round is just as hard. Will they be able to put Coming Through down and head into the semi's? Follow LFT for Div S by tuning in to Tetcher.