Feb 04, 2019 JScottGhost

Tonight is the 2nd and final night for Division S Qualifiers #1! After a great first day of HOTS action, we've got another day of epic quality matches!

Each of these teams have fought their way through the bracket and will now clash to see who can move on to capture that first guaranteed spot for Division S. The action and casting will be great as we have an entire list of casters ready to take on the action. Listed below are those willing to walk you through the 2nd day of our tournament. We hope you enjoy all the action!

Looking For Work (Furyhots, Casanova, SwabsMcGoo, Droplets, Darkchimaera) started this tournament in Round 2 with a battle against CGL Back. After a convincing 2-0 victory, they continued down the bracket with a win in the quarterfinals against Proxy Nexus 2. Heading into the semi-finals, LFW is currently sitting on an undefeated match record for the qualifier. Can they continue on that path?

Their opponent in the semi-final is Comanche Power Train (Noah, bkbgrnrjefek, Legacy, Mysticleez, Unaverted) Comanche Power Train started in Round 2 after a Round 1 bye and faced off against NA Division 1 team 2+2. They were able to take the 2-0 and move on to face the Order of the Sleeping Dragon. Pulling out a win against the Order, can Comanche Power Train continue on to the finals? Find out tonight! 

On the bottom half of the bracket, we've got The Lost Boys (KilluZiion, cattlepillar, Hosty, HOTSzergling, TalkingTrees). The Lost Boys started their battle towards the semi-finals against Fenix Esport. Fenix was able to take out their Round 1 opponent, but The Lost Boys were too much and they moved on to Round 3 after getting the 2-0. In the quarterfinals, The Lost Boys fought against Revive Esports, pulling down another 2-0. Can they keep their undefeated record or will they get lost along the way?

Multiple Smiles (Liam, HaoNguyen, ceasarsalad, Diesel, VINguyen) fought a hard fight to get to the semi-finals. They were able to get past their first round opponent with a 2-0, but ran into hard competition when they faced Broken Alliance Gaming in the quarterfinals. In what was one of the best series' of the night, Multiple Smiles pulled out the 2-1 victory pushing them to face The Lost Boys in the finals. Will they be the ones smiling when all is said and done?


[EU] Season 8 Rare Cup Group Stage overview

Feb 10, 2019 JackR1p EU Weekly Recap
An overview and recap of all teams that have qualified to the Rare Cup in EU Season 8.