Feb 23, 2019 Eef

With 5 teams already qualified only 3 spots remain, and all spots will be decided in this final qualifier! Are you hyped? We are. 

In the last week we've seen some amazing matches and we expect to see this same this week, some of the top teams have qualified now and will not be playing but a bunch of people have a lot of stakes on the line and will have to give everything to secure their spot in division S. 

Listed below are the casters and where they are going to start for the evening. 

Caster Name
Channel Link
First Match (if known)
Khaldor (English)
Herbania eSports vs Out of the Box
Tetcher (English)
Sometimes Minion Genocide vs Schlammschieber
Halloweenheroes (English)
Go NextWinner vs the winner of Negative Win Rate vsMurder Inc
TazzDingo (German)
Herbania eSports vs Out of the Box
Milosh (Russian)
Herbania eSports vs Out of the Box
Pittax (Polish)
Herbania eSports vs Out of the Box
TeamNutVaria (Chinese) https://m.douyu.com/709338  AntiMeta vs LastMoment

The full bracket

The evening starts off with Herbania eSports vs Out of the Box, Herbania has already managed to gather 100 points, Out of the Box has to do with 30, both teams need to make it to the Sunday, and need some other teams to drop the ball to be able to qualify but they have big dreams. You can see which of them will have a shot at those dreams on the following channels: Khaldor, Tazzdingo & Milosh, Pitax. They will follow the winners up the bracket. 

The winner of this match will have a tough match coming up facing Nothing Left, the former pro team Leftovers, Nothing left did loose Mopsio and will be playing with their new member Zboon. 

At the same time Negative Win Rate and Murder inc, at 70 and 60 points respectively are fighting for a spot to take it up against Go Next, who is currently in a good position to qualify on points, being second. This game will be cast by Halloween

On the very low end of the bracket we're starting off with United Nerds-S vs Kurso-S and Sometimes Minion Genocide vs Schlammschieber. With 100 points SMG has a chance of qualifying on points, so does United Nerds-S with 90 points. Both Kurso-S and Schlammschieber need to come out as winner of the tournament to actually qualify. These prospects did not deter them from signing up and fighting for that spot. 


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