Feb 24, 2019 Robb Division S NA

How did we get here?

In the fall of 2018, Blizzard decided to pull the plug on HGC, shutting down the professional league play that was broadcasted throughout the year. Looking to fill the void, Heroes Lounge (in association with Nexus Lounge for the NA Region) stepped in and created Division S, a league of former pros and amateurs that enjoy the game and want to continue in a competitive format. 

There are two ways to qualify for Division S: winning a qualifying tournament or getting enough points in the qualifiers. Through four qualifiers run in February, the winner will secure a spot in Division S. The other teams participating will receive points for how they finish and if they are on of the top 4 points winners will also qualify for Division S. 

Where are we at now?

As of this point, four teams from NA have qualified for Division S, The Lost Boys, Comanche Power Train, Multiple Smiles & Celeb Gaming. These teams are made up of from HGC pro's and hopefuls. Whilst the other teams managed to take top spot in the first 3 tournaments, Celeb Gaming  has amassed enough points to be guaranteed qualification. This weekend brings about Qualifier #4 for the North American Region. Which team will take the top spot? We'll have to wait and see. 

The current standings bracket is linked here.

Teams to look out for!

Order of the Sleeping Dragon The Order of the Sleeping Dragon is holding strong in the points race. They have been able to finish strong at each of the Qualifiers to secure 265 points thus far. They are looking like favourites to take a Division S spot on points, but who knows what upsets await us in week 4!

Looking For Work Looking For Work is another team of former pros that have decided to compete in Division S. They are primed to be a qualifying team, and will be considered favourites by many to win the 4th Qualifier. In the first Qualifier, they were taken out in the semi-finals by Comanche Power Train. They had an unfortunate 2nd qualifier as another tournament they were playing in had a time scheduling problem and they had to forfeit early in the tournament. They lost out to eventual week 3 winners Multiple Smiles, but don't discredit this team, they are definitely a powerhouse in the region. 

Revive Esports - The epitome of consistency, Revive has taken 65 points in each qualifier thus far. Having lost to Looking For Work last weekend, they will be keen to avenge themselves in a potential Semi-Final rematch vs the ex-HGC team.

Today's matches will be casted by the following list of great casters! Make sure you check out the matches. 

Caster Name
Twitch Link
First Match

2+2 vs Fenix Esports

Skin Tight Denim vs Ferret's Ferrets
Dead Gamers vs All my names were taken
2+2 vs Fenix Esports

We will see you there!