Jan 27, 2020 Samu Amateur League EU Insights

We are already halfway through the eleventh Season of Heroes Lounge and a lot of stuff happened already. In this Blog Post we will take a closer look at what happened in Division 1 so far.

Looking at the Standings we currently have only 1 team undefeated and that is RIP Hots Blizzcon 2k19 they also only lost 1 map so far and that was against VEECE. But looking forward into the next week they are going up against a very strong opponent called ZENON, who only lost 1 series so far.

Since the 4th round Deathwing is allowed. In these 2 rounds Deathwing saw only 2 games where he got through the first ban phase and there he got a 50% win rate, he was banned 20 times.

Player statistics

Looking at players we see the highest KDA on the side of epkkZervas with 13.50 with 2 games and second is Najshere with a KDA of 12.06. The highest Minion Damage, because you need to get rid of the small guys before getting to the big ones, goes to GNSky with 121k second is Been1Ce with 108k. The most sprays go to Deathknight only 1 Spray behind is Scofferlane and the third place is tied between BananaH and Halycon4B1B. The most B-steps go over to BananaH with an amazing lead to the second. The most taunts go to Zap3 who has nearly double the number of Taunts compared to the second Halycon4B1B and the third zVeiksu. Last we have the most dances where we see the second and third place tied between Lichiz and BananaH. The person with the most dances is only 1 dance ahead of those two and it is Ultralisk.

Hero statistics

The most picked hero is only 1 game away from the second place with Johanna being played in 42 games and E.T.C. with 41. Those 2 tanks are followed by Greymane with 36 games and with that he is a bit higher than on the same amount of games as Li-Ming, then we see Hanzo as the next most played assassin with 34 games. Looking at supports we see the most games on Rehgar with 35 and Ana is very close with 33 and then Malfurion would be the next one with 26. Taking a short look at the Bruiser role we see that Leoric has the most games with 28 and then Rexxar would be the next with 17 games! The second most played tank is played twice as often as the second most bruiser! The most banned hero is Alarak as he is still a very strong force and the only hero with above 50% ban rate. Second is Garrosh with 34.1% and then on the 3rd spot we have a tie between Johanna and Deathwing.

Battleground statistics

But where were those heroes played? Looking at the battleground statistics we see, what a surprise, Infernal Shrines on the top of the list with 20 games with a First pick win rate of 60%. On the second place we see Volskaya Foundry with 17 games and third is Battlefield of Eternity with 14 games. The longest game was on Volskaya Foundry with a length of 33:15 between Nexus Junkies and eXon-esports | eXon-black. The shortest game was on Dragon Shire with a time of 7:55 between Zenon and eXon-esports | eXon-black.

Map overview

For the first round we can take a look the the first map between RIP Hots Blizzcon 2k19 and VEECE as this was the only map loss RIP Hots Blizzcon 2k19 has in the first 5 rounds. This game was on the most played map in Heroes Lounge, Infernal Shrines. At the end of the draft we see Johanna, Jaina, Rehgar, Sonya and Greymane for VEECE and on the other side we see Garrosh, Kael’thas, Hanzo, Leoric and Malfurion for RIP Hots Blizzcon 2k19. Looking into the experience over the game we see a very small lead in the early game for VEECE. Around Level 11 RIP Hots Blizzcon was able to win a team fight and end up with nearly 1 Level lead. VEECE is able to get slowly back in experience until Level 21 where VEECE starts winning team fights and get a very good lead over their opponents and are able to end the game with a punisher. This game is a perfect example that you should never give up in Heroes of the Storm 1 late game team fight can win you the game.

The second map to take a look at is game 1 of the series between ZENON and Support Supreme. It is played on the only map where forts still give you instantly experience, Towers of Doom. For Support Supreme has first pick and end up with Malfurion, Leoric, Mal’Ganis, Sylvanas and Junkrat. On the other side we see Blaze, Rehgar, Medivh, E.T.C. and Greymane. In the early game the experience is even until Level 6 where Support Supreme manage to win a team fight and get a Level lead. They are then able to force a fight with Level 10 advantage and win it. When ZENON gets Level 10 Support Supreme already has Level 12. ZENON shows that Level 10 is the better power spike for them and start winning the team fights and get back in experience. In the end they kept on pressuring their opponents and were able to win the game. This game shows that ZENON really knew that they need 10 to win fights and they managed to not fall to far behind and were able to turn the game when they hit their power spike.

Draft overview

Deathwing was played 2 times with a 50% Win Rate. The first time he was drafted on Battlefield of Eternity by Hard for Deckard against Multiple Boomerang Furries. Hard for Deckard had first pick on this map and decided to remove Greymane and Valla. Multiple Boomerang Furries banned Garrosh and Ana. Deathwing was the first pick then. The draft ends then for hard for Deckard with Deathwing, Auriel, Chromie, Hanzo and Anub’arak. On the other side we see Uther, Li-Ming, Malfurion, E.T.C. and Alarak for Multiple Boomerang Furries. On the side of Multiple Boomerang Furries we see the main damage with Alarak and Li-Ming so mainly spell damage to kill a low health target and barely any pressure against Deathwing. We also see with Anub’arak a strong counter to the opponents damage dealers, the beetles block some of the skill shots from Li-Ming and he also forces her to play Disintegrate to open the cocoon fast. He also forces Alarak to fight with a good engage and does not give time to Alarak to wait for a good combo.

Written by Samu   

Casting Manager for Heroes Lounge and Flex player for Div 2 Lumpensammler


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