Round 9 Recap EU

Feb 01, 2019 JoyK Weekly Recap
Check out the recap of round 9 of all divisions in EU!

Mid-Season Write-up, EU Season 8, Divisions 1-3

Jan 04, 2019 Weekly Recap
One last blog for two playoffs, with teams from three Divisions, here's the write-up for Divisions 1-3 for EU!

Mid-Season Write-up, EU Season 8, Divisions 4-7

Jan 02, 2019 Weekly Recap
How's the eighth EU season proceeding in Divisions 4 through 7? Find out here!

Mid-Season Write-up, NA Season 1, Divisions 4/5

Jan 01, 2019 Weekly Recap
At the start of the new year, a look back at what has happened so far in Divisions 4 and 5 in NA.

Season 7 Final Week Write-up: Championship

Sep 19, 2018 Weekly Recap
The Season 7 Championship awaits, but whose results will be enough to make it in?

Season 7 Final Week Write-up: Cup

Sep 17, 2018 Weekly Recap
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who have the best chance of competing in the fairest Cup of all?

Mid-season Write-up, Season 7 Championship

Aug 24, 2018 Weekly Recap
Part two of two of the Season 7 midway recap is here, peeking into the standings of the Championship Divisions.