Jul 10, 2020 Poppinfresh Charity EU Event

On the Saturday 8th of August, Heroes Lounge will be hosting a charity stream to support the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride month as well as raise money for The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and Gendered Intelligence.

Proposed and organised by Fictional and Skylore there will be a day of fun Heroes of the Storm games, unrelated Pride/BLM content, giveaways and educational content to highlight the history of the causes.

On top of that there will be the Just For Fun tournament which isn't ARAM but does feature random hero picks! Full details on how to join in the fun can be found below!

Signup Procedure

1. Make your Team    

Through the Heroes Lounge Website, follow the Create Team instructions to create a new team for this tournament! Of course, you can sign up with your existing teams as well! 

2. Make your Donation    

Go to the link and make your donation! Please try to put your team Name in the Donation Notes if possible.

Donate here

3. Confirm your Donation    

In Discord send a DM to @Fictional#2275 to confirm your donation has been made! Please send details about what name it is put under on the donation page and what team name it is for! She will then forward the team name to the Admin team to get you added to the Tournament

4. Wait for Confirmation!

That's it! You are done! Wait for the confirmation that you have been placed in the tournament from the website! if it does not show after a couple of days, send a chase message!


  • Single elimination best of 3 tournament bracket.      
  • Regular Lounge team creation rules, between 5 and 9 players per team.        
  • Subs will be allowed on the day as required, just change their name and role selection.        
  • Each player should choose 1-2 roles from the lists provided.        
  • The roles selected will be the roles to filter in game using the auto select.             
  • Games will follow the normal heroes lounge map drafting process.     
  • Lobby will use normal hero selection mode.
  • Players will select the auto selection hero and choose the roles they have defined.


Round Time (CEST)
1 14:00
2 15:30
3 17:00
Break 18:30 - 19:30
4 - Semis! 19:30
5 (The Final!) 21:00


Why a Donation for Entry?

One of the most popular forms of fundraising is a Pub Quiz! We wanted to emulate that! We have put the price on a team entry to accommodate teams of all sizes and individual circumstances.    

Why not just do ARAM?        

We wanted to try something different! ARAM is super popular yes, but it has a meta and is in large parts determined by mechanical skill. By trying a completely different format, we can allow for various cheese and allow teams to show off their flexibility!        

Why not Full Random pick then?        

Because end of the day not everyone can play, or is comfortable in every role. Existing teams can then keep their existing roles and structure, and you wont necessarily get un-fun situation such as Double Tank vs no support situations.

What games are going to be casted?        



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