Oct 12, 2018 Eef Lounge News

Soon the Heroes Lounge Cup weekend will begin. Saturday 13th of October at 13:00 CEST we'll be having the first matches in the lower bracket. Read all the details below. 


After tonight's final matches, the final matchups are known. 11 teams made it into the knockout stage, with Group D having two teams drop out. Due to this Mentally 10, number two seed from group B who was originally scheduled to play the number 3 seed of group D now gets a free win in the bracket, facing off for the first time against the winner between Jormungandr and Killer Koalas. The double elimination bracket has the winners bracket spots filled by BrownHorseGaming, Sloth Sanctuary, Team TableFlip and For the Murlocs, all respectively the number 1 seed of their group. These teams can afford to lose one match, dropping them down to the lower bracket where they'll face off against the winners of the first two lower bracket matches. 

At 13:00 CEST Body Block Crew and CoB Saltshakers will face each other in the first match of the knockout series. You can tune in for this game at twitch.tv/heroes_lounge. At the same time, Earthworm Defense Force and Treehouse gaming will be facing off on our second channel twitch.tv/heroes_lounge2. All matches during the cup will be cast by our amazing team of casters.

It's important to note that the times on the schedule are an indication, as the cup is running on a rolling schedule, meaning that if matches end earlier the next match will happen straight after. You can find the live standings on the cup page


During the Cup weekend, we have THREE competitions running. 

First off we have the prediction contest. Predict the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place of the Cup bracket and you will win an amazing Heroes Lounge T-shirt. You can enter right here

Secondly, you can vote for your MVP of the Cup. Vote for the person who is making the plays this weekend, who is single-handedly carrying his/her team to victory and qualify both them and yourself for winning an adorable mini sloth. Vote right here

Lastly, we have another clip contest running! All you have to do is find good, funny or horrible plays you enjoyed watching and clip them on the heroes lounge twitch channels. The winner will be rewarded with an Heroes Lounge mousepad. 

The last contenders of last seasons clips are: 

Epixors Master of stealth 

THE GUST, THE GUST  (in falsetto voice) 

Genji LUL

Vote for your favourite here


During all this, our signups for season 8 remain open! You can sign up your team to compete (again) next season, create your own team or join as a free agent and be placed in existing or completely new teams! All you have to do is log into your account and tick the participation box! If you don't have an account yet or forgot how to sign up for the new season Llarion's updated signup guide will guide you

So ready up your snack, tune in to our twitch channels, clip, predict and win. And most importantly don't forget to sign up to play 'Heroes of the Storm as it's meant to be played' by signing up to join in season 8. 


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