Season 9 - A signup guide & Reddit AMA

Mar 01, 2019 EU Lounge News NA
Everything you need to know to participate in the new Heroes Lounge season

Division S Qualifier 1 brackets are online

Feb 01, 2019 Announcement Division S EU Lounge News NA
On both Saturday and Sunday evening the most ambitious teams will battle it out for the very first spots in Division S. For this they need t ...

Season 2 [NA] and Season 9 [EU] dates

Feb 01, 2019 Announcement EU Lounge News NA
Upcoming saturday the signups for Season 2 NA and season 9 EU will open! Tune into the draw show where Cosmic will be joined by Reebs and a ...

Division S: Player PoV streams

Jan 27, 2019 Division S Lounge News
Unlike HGC, Division S will allow the players to stream their PoV, including coms of their games. Among others, HasuObs, SmX and Mene have s ...