Jun 14, 2019 Rodon Inside Lounge

In the Division 3 North America, one team has proven they are ready for the playoffs. Fight Over Everything has won eight of their nine match-ups to this point, and look to finish strong going into the playoffs.

Let’s learn a little about the five guys that make up the team:

1) Pyromancer: He’s the team captain and voice for the squad. Pyro is a 21-year-old computer science student, and enjoys art. He’s also engaged to be married. His most played heroes are Kael’thas and Diablo.

2) Ooshy: Ooshy is the main healer for FoE. He is from northern Virginia, and works as a software developer. Although he is known for his Brightwing play in Division 3, his favorite hero is Li Li. “Go…water dragon, hyah!”

3) Stoop: Stoop loves his parrot-wrangler Falstad! He works in the entertainment industry in New York City and hopes to start his own theatre/streaming company. You can follow him on Twitch at twitch.tv/stoopkidz.

4) Darknut: He is a veteran in two senses; in Heroes of the Storm but also the U.S. military. According to his team captain, Darknut is the most mechanically consistent player on the roster, and he flexes between a variety of heroes. He frequently plays Azmodan, which must strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. The Lord of Sin has been banned 10 times against FoE, by far and away the most of any other hero.

5) Cuddlycuddle: He’s the jack-of-all-trades for the squad. He’s is a programmer like Pyro, and he’s great at performing in the clutch. According to the team, they have won several matches because of Cuddle’s well-timed plays. He plays a variety of heroes, and tends to fill any needs the team has.

Fight over Everything has dominated so far in their division. The amazing part of their run is also who they’ve beaten. In five matches against other top ten teams, they’ve won four of them. The only loss came this week against the 2nd place team, Who Knows Gaming.

“This team of five have only been playing together (truly) for this season,” said Pyro. “But [they’ve] been some of the best games I’ve ever played.”

Despite only officially teaming up recently, this group has known each other for years. Either starting in person, or meeting through mutual friends, they’ve played in different groups together off and on.

“We were going try to try to qualify for Division S, but we didn’t have a 5th player by the time tryouts started,” Pyro said. They managed to get a full five-man by the team the amateur leagues started, however.

Despite sometimes having unorthodox hero picks, the team prides itself on team fighting mechanics.

“Like our name implies, we enjoy fighting,” said Stoop. “And not just over normal objectives. We fight over absolutely everything and nothing all at once.”

Pyro agrees with the assessment, although he believes they have room to improve.

“We certainly like to fight,” he said. “We win [the fights] a lot, but sometimes we have trouble taking advantage of a victory.”

Fight Over Everything also take planning and preparation very seriously. They practice a few hours each week, in addition to several hours of personal play. They also hold a team planning meeting for about 30 minutes before every match to go over scouting reports and strategy.

In a recent match, a 2-0 victory over 2nd place Heroes of the United States (HOTUS), they focused extensively on the hero pools of their opponent. Much of the discussion revolved around both limiting the other sides most comfortable heroes, and manipulating the draft to force their opponent into tough compositions.

The team’s skill will face one final test to close out the season when they face iCE CREAM TRUCK, a team tied for third place.

Then, it’s playoffs.

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