Jun 05, 2020 Olympia Amateur League EU Inside Lounge Interview

Welcome to the latest edition of Inside Lounge where Olympia interviews Division 3 team Mald Level Rising

Hello everybody! Grats for victory yesterday you still remain the undefeated team of div 3.

So would you like to introduce yourself to the rest of the community? Your history in Heroes Lounge?

Timmers: We are a bunch of friends who played together for some time and decided to form a team together for fun after a long time break. 

I've noticed that 2 of you played before in the same team in Div 1 but the rest was playing in lower divisions like 6 or 7 so my question is how you manage to make this team so competitive with these facts?

Timmers: we started to playing together to have fun at the start tried some qm s together and when we added mustard as offlaner the team started rolling.

Gabriel: As Timmers said me and Knetterbek were playing in the same team. Sonic and Timmers were friends who are playing together outside of hl games so we where familiar with each other so it was not so hard for us to communicate well so we fixed some issues with our macro game and when we added mustard to us everything seems better.

Would you guys like to tell us about your role in the team and your favorite picks?

Timmers : i play range flex but the others forced me to play raynor

So your main role is Raynor!

Gabriel: I think his main role is to take camps with raynor

Sonic? How about you?

Sonic: I play support and i prefer ussually stukov reghar kharazim i like diving with the rest of my team

Gabriel: I am a tank player i pretty much play all tanks but i am known for my ETC, it seems like every team we played against even at scrims ban that hero against us.

Would you like to make a comment about this?

Gabriel: well, ETC is a good tank and i enjoy playing him but they seem to think that its the only tank i can play so i quickly remind them that there are other tanks in the game. Although, i am the shot caller and main tank player does not meaan i am the reason we win games, so just focusing on trying to choke me in draft gives my team mates all the tools they need to win the game. However, i do like teasing Sonic when they do ban ETC (we have an internal competition going on who gets the most bans.) 

This target ban leave Raynor free right? 

Gabriel: ahah yes this forces me play other tanks that i enjoy so its good.

Knetterbek: I am a support main but this season in this team i am a damage dealer which is great for me and makes me relearn the game!

Do you have any specific heroes you like to play?

Knetterbek : well i like deckard but i cant pick him as damage dealer so right now i ussually plays tassadar or ktz

Mustard: i am the off laner i like yrel but i also enjoy playing a wide range of solo laners. 

Do you guys have a favorite opponent so far in the season that you like to share and why?

Gabriel: We felt that LOGIA who has 1 gm and rest of masters could give us a good challenge but surprisingly the team that we had a great series was Akhundelar Academy because we felt the true power of samuro at the second map and and at the 3rd map it was so close that we almost lost and we really enjoy that series.

Timmers: that series it was my best competitive experience so far

What are the goals for the team this season?

Timmers: For me the goal is to improve ourselves

You don't have to be humble if you don't want :)

Gabriel : our biggest issue was that we invested too much in our mistakes in the past but now we had a lot of fun playing together since we know each other well so even if we join playoffs we will have the same attitude, we just dont care abt opponents and we will try to enjoy every game without fearing any team. So we are not saying we can beat any team but we are not afraid any team as well.

Timmers : I agree, we didnt start the team to be competitive and be No1 and i believe thats our strength.

Any feedback about the recent patch changes?

Gabriel : Yes, that is something i didnt personally like because we are a team who tries to take advantage of early game and snowballing the game and we cant really do it after especially the towers changing.

Ok lets say if there's something you want to change in the team what would be? And why?

Timmers :mmm ehhhh i dont know 

I don't wanna make you guys fight with each other but i want straight and honest answers 

Timmers : I think its all great i dont wanna change anything

This answer is not acceptable i need something more spicy!

Gabriel : i think Timmers wants to play more Raynor

Timmers : i beg the opponents to ban that fucking Raynor in first rotation pls.

Sonic : I want Timmers pick more Raynor 

Guys come on why you didn't call the team Raynor instead!! laughs...

Gabriel : I want to change the attitude of not letting mistakes we do in the middle of the game affects us so much and be more postive in the game.

Mustard : i would change my microphone and have a better one because others cant hear me or when they do they can hear me with lot of pauses between my words :).

Ok last question is would you like share anything with Heroes Lounge viewers that will read your interview?

Gabriel : Dont take heroes lounge too seriously guys dont see it like a job dont forget that u playing a game and u should have fun! What happened in the game dont affects ur personal life at the end of the game!

Sonic: So to all the hl readers if u ban raynor u have free win guys go for it! lauphs

Knetterbek : I think heroes lounge its the best way to enjoy the game, its competitive u face other team who communicate in the same way and its a lot better than playing ranked!

Timmers : heroes lounge keep the game alive i have met a lot of good ppl in this competition i have made lot of friends.

Mustard : To all the readers of____________________ I feel_________________ heroes lounge is a________________ and thank u very much for reading the ________________ i am Mustard peace out! BIG LAUPHS

Thank you guys for your time! 

Written by Olympia

Heroes Lounge writer and captain of Division 4 team All Blacks


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