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Ladies and gentlesloths, it is time to meet the season 6 Championship winners SFD-Gaming for a much anticipated interview about their season 6 experience in Heroes Lounge. With two losses to Memeldors Meme Machines both in round 1 and in The Finals, they managed to turn things around and come out victorious in a 3rd attempt against MMM in the Grand Finals.

First of all, a big congratulation on winning the Championship! What are your thoughts on season 6 and the playoffs?

Butters: Thank you very much. I think Heroes Lounge season 6 in particular featured some very good teams, and I recommend it to every team that wants to consistently play the game in a positive environment. I am just really disappointed, that we never got to play the full Zenon Esports roster, even though they hyped themselves up so much.

Kupschi: Starting the season with a 2-0 loss against MMM felt super bad for us. Also, we had a lot of roster changes during the whole season, especially the player on the solo lane swapped several times. But in the end, we managed to get a solid lineup, improved as a team and did a really good job in The Finals.

Enabler: As someone who never played in Heroes Lounge before, it was a great motivator to expand your game knowledge, mechanics and actively try to improve yourself.

Meneldor: Thank you! Even tho many higher ranked players are not taking Heroes Lounge serious and might not even bother participating, I think the level of play is increasing from season to season, and with that said, I feel very proud of winning the season 6 Championship. Yet, funny thing, I haven't played a full season yet. I mostly subbed for teams or my team disbanded.

How long have you played together as a team and how did you come together?

Butters: Enabler, Kupschi and I have played together for 5 months now. Hyza and I have been playing together before, so I agreed, when he asked me to form a new team with himself and Enabler, whom he knew from the Nexus Games. Then we picked up Kupschi and a little later also Pocieszny and started griefing the Nexus.

Kupschi: If I remember correctly, I joined the team Griefgaming 5 month ago. At this point, Enabler Solidbutter, Hyza and Kerriban were looking for a support player. We did some tryouts, and after I saved Butters ass 24/7 and did some good Alex plays, they wanted to pick me up. After the first week of Lounge we lost Kerriban and signed up Pocieszny. As you all know, this didn’t last for long. The team was close to disbanding, but I managed to find new players. Meneldor, a longtime friend of mine (who already subbed for me with Always Wu in season 4) and Dornock, both agreed to play the playoffs with us. Meneldor even joined us on SFD after the Heroes Lounge Finals.

Enabler: We played together for about 6-7 months from my standpoint. Hyza and I played in the Nexus Games together (Belgium) and had a really good time together. So after a few months, I asked him, if he would be up for starting a team together to teach me more about the game and what else it has to offer. After some rough changes we found Butters and eventually Kupschi. Ever since then we have just played together and added new friends to the roster.

Meneldor: I have known Kupschi for quite a while now, and though we never previously found a team, where we both fit in, we instead talked and meme'd a lot together. He always asked me, when his team needed a sub, and I was always glad to help out. The Championship games felt pretty good, so I decided to stay, not only to finally play a full season of Heroes Lounge, but also to compete in Open Division.
I never played with Enabler and Butter before, but saw them quite often in Hero League. While I started playing with them a bit biased, they convinced me pretty fast about their capabilities, and now I am pretty hyped playing with them in Heroes Lounge and OD.

You lost 1-2 to Memeldors Meme Machines in The Finals but then managed to fight your way back and beat them in The Grand Finals. What preparations did you do before meeting MMM again in The Grand Finals?

Butters: Just don’t pick Braxis again and we’ve got this.

Kupschi: Yeah, let’s not pick Braxis again monkaS (worst idea I’ve ever had in Heroes Lounge).

Enabler: Our entire mindset was just to play full comfort and just play as defensive as possible and have them make mistakes for us.

Meneldor: We didn't have much preparation in the first game against MMM. We hadn't played together at all, except the match on saturday. It was also our first match of the day, and we are kind of slow starters. We tried some weird stuff to test out the waters. After those games we were warmed up and ready to perform, and so we did!

Do you have a favorite moment from the play-offs you would like to share with us?

Kupschi: My favorite moment of the playoffs was the game on Dragon Shire against CNN. Right from the start my plan was to get Enabler on Nazeebo, and I was so happy after they picked up 4 melees already. Felt even better after the draft worked out super well for us.

Enabler: Every time I got to play Nazeebo was a favourite moment for me. As some probably know, I used to be known for being a Nazeebo one-trick pony, so he still holds a special place in my heart. :)

Butters: My favorite moment was, when we failed the BoE core rush on the third games against EPG Frozen but managed to stay calm and close out the game later with some delay.

Meneldor: My favorite moment starts with a mistake by me. I misplayed on Towers, which made MMM win the map. I was quite upset with myself, not in a good mood and probably a bit salty. Yet me team, without hesitation, cheered me up and kept the mood relaxed. Right then, before the last draft even started, I knew we were going to win the Grand Final.

What are your plans for season 7?

Kupschi: We want to be the first team to win it two times in a row.

Enabler and Butters: We want to meet the expectations and win a second time of course.                       

Meneldor: Actually playing a whole season would be a nice start for me!

I hear, you aren’t keen on revealing to us, what the SFD in your name stands for. Now that you’ve won, would you be willing to tell us? What is the reason behind the secrecy?

Kupschi: It’s the same reason as when I played for Always Wu. You can ask for it 100 times and you will get 100 different answers. For now it is: Strike force delta, or maybe Super Fat D***s, you’ll never know!

Enabler: Trick question, no comment!

Butters: It was supposed to be a mystery, but Enabler spoiled it at the winners interview.

Meneldor: 'SFD' means 'Significantly Fewer Deaths', so we are focusing on feeding less. Some of us keep up to that concept more than others.

Would you like to give any shoutouts?

Kupschi: Shoutout to the Meme Machines, especially to Deathknight who is playing for us in OD right now. Special thanks to TTA and Larkin who prepared us for the finals. Also, thanks to Tsty for his great replay analysis.

Enabler: Shoutout to Meneldor and Dornock for subbing in at such an important moment. Also to Hyza for teaching me most of what I know and Zenon for having a top 3 tank EU. Thanks to Deathknight for being such an amazing sport about everything and giving us a hell of a series.

Butters: First of all Hyza and Pocienszny for the great time we had together. The shoutouts to Dornock and Meneldor for subbing in on such short notice. Shoutouts to our Sponsor SFD-Gaming, our Manager Nooby and our Coach Toasty. And at last, shoutouts to all of you who keep running Heroes Lounge for 7 seasons now.

Meneldor: Shoutouts to the whole SFD team. It was a really nice weekend and I am glad I could play with them. Also shoutout to MMM, couldn't wish for better enemies in the Grand Final. They are awesome dudes. I hope they keep on playing and meme'ing. Otherwise, shoutout to all people involved with Heroes Lounge and all the teams playing.

Keep it alive, improve it, let it grow!

This concludes our interview with SFD-Gaming. Thanks to the team for taking time to answer some questions, and to all of you readers supporting the Heroes Lounge blog. I hope to see you all again for our next Inside Lounge interview. Should you have any suggestions or criticism, you would like to share with us, you can always find us at the Heroes Lounge discord. 


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