Feb 11, 2019 JScottGhost Division S NA

The NA action is back! Day 1 was crazy and now we move on to the semi-finals! What journey did the teams make along the way? Check below to see a little bit more about our 4 finalists. 

Order of the Sleeping Dragon (Shotty2Hotty, CorgiBooty, ElhayM, treebeard, EnigmaticLuna) are hungry for the Division S 2nd spot. Last week they were knocked out in the quarterfinals by Comanche Power Train and we have a rematch this week in the semi-finals. Order of the Sleeping Dragon has had a great tournament this week, taking on CGL Black (2-0) and Skin Tight Denim (2-0) to make it this far. Right now they are riding an undefeated wave. Will the wave be enough to push them into the finals?

Comanche Power Train (Noah, bkbgrnrjefek, LegacY, Mysticleez, Unaverted) made it to the finals last week only to beat out by the Lost Boys. They can see the end goal again but have to make their way past Order of the Sleeping Dragon to get into the finals. Along their journey they have faced Ferret's Ferrets (2-0) and Revive Esports (2-0) to land in the semi-finals. After last week's finals loss, Comanche Power Train won't take anything less then a finals win to get out of this weekend. Will they be able to secure it?

Multiple Smiles (Liam, HaoNguyen, caesarsalad, Diesel, ViNguyen) have fought their way to the semi-finals yet again this weekend. Last weekend they ended up taking a loss from the finals winner Lost Boys, but this weekend they look to be a strong contender to win it all. They go up against Celeb Gaming (former Broken Alliance Gaming) in a rematch of what was one of the toughest series wins they had last qualifier. It should be a good match, but will luck smile upon them to continue?

Celeb Gaming (huntercj1476, CTVMet, Satat, BxAEvasion, Slyptachi) are pulling double duty this week as they compete in a LAN ETS up in Canada as well as the Division S Qualifier. They have fought through 2+2 (2-0) and Close To Death (2-0) to make it to the semi-finals but will all this gaming wear them out? Will they be able to push past Multiple Smiles this week to get into the finals? We'll have to wait and see but I can promise you that this series will be hard fought and definitely a series to watch!

All of these games will be brought to you by none other than Trikslyr! Make sure you check it out! http://www.twitch.tv/trikslyr


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