Feb 10, 2019 JScottGhost Division S EU

Did yesterday's matches leave you excited and wanting some more HOTS action? Well guess what, Day 2 is here and the Division S Qualifying spot is up for grabs! Who will take home that coveted spot? Check out below to see our four teams in the semi-finals!

Bekijk een live video van Tetcher op www.twitch.tv

Nothing Left (PotiBoss, mopsio, Bl3kitny, Czarnoskory, linked) fought their way through the tournament to end up against Team Russia in the semi-finals. Nothing Left was unable to attend the first Qualifier, so they are out to earn that second spot this weekend. Nothing Left had a hard early round, facing off against Division 1 team Memeldors Meme Machines, but they were able to take them down and earn the 2-1. After that, they worked their way through Silver 1 (2-0) and LFT for div S (2-0) to become one of the last remaining teams. Will they be able to capitalize and grab that 2nd spot? 

Team Russia (stalkeba, FarlendeR, KolyaMarzhin, MrBanaBeer, shamzlo) made it to the semi-finals in the first Qualifier but were knocked out by the winning team of Washed Up. They are hungry for a qualifying spot and won't be going down without a fight. Team Russia has soared through the qualifier without losing a match, Deadly Penquin Squad (2-0), QM Genji (2-0), Go Next (2-0) and are looking to keep that undefeated streak going into the match against Nothing Left. 

What does the photographer say (Berghult, Galnegunnar, Jia, Makke, zzz) fought their way into the finals in Qualifier #1 and just came up short against Washed Up. Seeing that secure spot for Division S slip through their fingers has them ready to go and they are a contender to take this weeks title. They've taken their opponents down after playing three rounds, round table knights (2-0), Herbania eSports (2-1), No Rofl. (2-0), and look to continue on to the finals! 

Coming Through (WolfJoe, Guru, robadobah, Cronaz, Cris, Munky) fell short last week in the quarter finals against LFT for div S. The performance was below what most were expecting and the team has been able to push through to the semi-finals this week. Their opponent in the semi's will be a tough match but after last weeks loss in the quarter's, Coming Through has something to prove. Their path along this tournament, Raynor's Battle Beasts (2-0), 404 Skill Not Found (2-0) and aLbeus'r fnaculb (2-0) has left them undefeated and they aren't ready to start taking any losses now. Look for Coming Through to continue along this path and fight their way into the finals. The 2nd Qualified Spot is in sight for them and they don't look to be slowing down! 

These matches will be brought to you by the great casters listed below. Give them a watch! 

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