Feb 12, 2018

Kind Sloths,

we will be transferring to a new webhoster. In order to do so background tasks have already started. Even though we are trying for a smooth user experience we will have several short maintenances where our website will not be online.
Furthermore we will close the signups for season 6 for a short period of time, where we propaginate the new DNS.

Fear not though, every change you are making (this includes season 6 signups) until PRIOR 16.02.2018 will be transferred to our new host.

Here are the important dates:

16.02.2018 - 10 PM CET: Maintenance mode will be activated & Website shuts down
~18.02.2018: Propagation has been completed and the website is online once more.

Propagation usually takes about some hours up to 2 days - so it may be very likely, that we will be online much earlier.
If you find yourself in a spot with missing data or inability to login please don't hesitate to contact our staff through discord or contact@heroeslounge.gg


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