Jun 07, 2018 Robb Lounge News

The time has come once again, the playoff weekends are almost here, starting with the Cup Weekend on the 9th - 10th June, and as always, we are giving away a ton of awesome swag!

Firstly, courtesy of our friends at Blizzard we will be giving away a skin/hero bundle during every match that is played all Cup and Championship weekend (please note this does not count Championship group stage games that take place during the Cup Weekend.

Second, we are running our clip contest once again. Any clips from throughout the playoffs count, all you have to do is clip them on any of our 3 twitch channels, and the winner deemed to have the clip will win an awesome Sloth Chibi Shirt!

Lastly are going with a prediction competition, everyone can PM a moderator and tell them who they will think will be top 3 in Cup and Championship, individual competitions on both weekends, 1 sloth plushie as a prize for both the  Cup & Championship for the winning prediction! In the case of a tiebreaker, a raffle will be done to determine a winner. All entries must be in BEFORE the match is played for each weekend.

We hope you will join us for some awesome amateur Heroes of the Storm action, and if you have any questions, please contact a moderator on our discord!


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