Aug 14, 2018 #Rigged

This week 5 instalment of #RIGGED has to start with an apology to you, our loyal readers. If you've paid close attention, you might have noticed that so far, no team has been featured twice this season, but after four weeks of highlighting different teams, it's just not doable anymore. As you all know, we at Heroes Lounge have a soft spot for memes, underdogs and clowning the unclownable, so at the halfway point of season 7, there's games that just cannot be ignored for their incredible quality in aforementioned categories. Also this time there will only be games from the very top of the tables as it is too early to talk about relegation, but never to early to talk about playoffs, right? So without further ado, here's a look at the very best and memeist week 5 series!

Division 1

Memeldors Meme Machines vs. Don Our Fedoras

In division 1, Memeldors Meme Machines look as strong as ever, having won all of their first four matches with convincing 2-0 victories. After finishing the last season with a 9-1 record and a second place in the Heroes Lounge Championship, they show no signs of slowing down and surely are among the favourites once more. One of their biggest strengths are their large and diverse hero pools, which is even more surprising given that none of the player are focusing on Heroes of the Storm too much right now. According to their captain Deathknight, they are always underestimated by their opponents which makes division 1 appear easy to them. But rest assured, Don Our Fedoras will not make those mistakes. While they might be one of the oldest teams in Heroes Lounge, they still continue improving with every season and they look stronger than ever now, winning their first three matches. Known for their play as much as their memes, there is little that has not been said about DOF, only one mystery remains: What do Mist and Hapcher look like? Rumour has it that, if they were to win it all, there will be a great reveal!

Division 2

BushBoys Collective vs. 25cm

Both BushBoys Collective and 25cm are new to the Heroes Lounge, but they certainly aren't new to winning as so far they have cruised through division 2 with relative ease. The boys from 25cm have yet to lose a single map even. In BushBoys Collective we have a team that was not only able to beat Snipe City with their most rigged roster playing in a close series, but also won an Italian tournament two years ago. Their goal for the season is to show everybody that they really belong in division 1, and so far there is little reason to doubt them. Serbian team 25cm are all real life friends who enjoy playing games together and now set their sights on having a successful debut season in Heroes Lounge. There are two things they enjoy as much as their Heroes Lounge experience, the first being winning games and the second being proving the Lounge's Riggers wrong, as they also strongly believe that they belong in the top division. However, only one of those two teams will be able to keep their undefeated status after what should be a close and exciting series.

Division 3

Elite A.I. vs. Bomb Squad Kittens

For our match of the week in division 3, we are looking at the clash of one of the older teams of Heroes Lounge in Elite A.I. and a completely new team in Bomb Squad Kittens. Elite A.I. is one of the Lounge's more remarkable success stories. They started out as a Free Agent Team in division 5 and have steadily climbed while also showing good performances in the Heroes Lounge Cup. The main goal for this group of Brits is to improve every week and so far they have done just that, winning all of their first three series. Their aggressive and versatile drafts could even get them to the playoffs once more. On the other side, there is Bomb Squad Kittens, who, after their first real loss of the season against the strong team of Murder Inc., will be looking to get back on track. While members of the team like Raskolnikoff and SwankyPants have some Heroes Lounge experience, it can be tough for a team to find it's groove and get the team synergy going. Mostly they are looking to have a good time and their captain Axelz has been very proud of his team so far, but one always has the best time while winning, right?

Division 4

The Sops vs. On Emerald Wings

Admittedly, there was supposed to be a break from mentioning some form of Wings team every week, but this time it is their opponent who had grabbed our attention. So On Emerald Wings are a good team and have performed admirably so far, proving to be one of the top teams in division 4. But only Swedes of The Sops were able to defeat those who appeared to be unbeatable in Treehouse Gaming! While The Sops have in their two previous seasons of Heroes Lounge shown that they are a very good team, scheduling issues and other mishaps have kept them from participating in the Cup. This season they got promoted to division 4 regardless and they are still putting up a good show every week, not at all playing like trash as the name would suggest. They like playing together and they like playing in Heroes Lounge, where they can take advantage of all the available statistics as this team is not afraid to put some serious time into scouting and preparing for every single opponent. If they can manage to beat On Emerald Wings, their chances at reaching the playoffs for the first time appear to be really good.

Division 5

FAT Bugbear vs. Team UnMatched

Some of you may remember that FAT Bugbear have been mentioned in the week 1 piece of #RIGGED, but this time they are here for their excellent play! So far they can already claim to be the kings of the FATs as they have already defeated two other Free Agent Teams and they might even have a good chance at claiming the division 5 crown at season's end. Despite being a randomly thrown together bunch of players, they get along well and love to scrim and play and get better, exemplifying what Heroes Lounge is all about once more. So far they have not lost a series, but they could still lose to Southgate Boiz in week 4 and if they did, they'd have something in common with their opponents Team UnMatched, as their only loss of the season so far came against the Southgate Boiz. They are also trying to be the kings of division 5, or pharaohs rather as they are a team of Egyptian friends. However, most of all they are enjoying their experience of playing together and competing in Heroes Lounge.

Do you think we missed the most crucial match-up of the week or ignored a certain team for too long? Feel free to let us know by writing a kind DM to juliandoom on Discord and we'll consider fixing the issue immediately!


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