Jul 23, 2019 Rodon Division S NA

MVP: Fury (Looking For Work)

Fury, the main tank player for Looking For Work, is the first ever Division S Most Valuable Player in North America. Fury has been a mainstay in competitive Heroes of the Storm for years, and used his experience and skills throughout season 1. 

Other finalists: KilluZiion, Hosty

Rookie of the Year: Noah (Team Good Guys)

The assassin for Team Good Guys was an up-and-comer in the competitive NA scene before HGC was cancelled. He played in the Open Division with Divination, one of the top Open Division squads at the time. He organized the team along with bkb, and has improved his play dramatically over the course of the season.

Other finalists: Legacy, Tempest, Treebeard

Most Improved Player: Slyp (Celeb Gaming)

When the year first started, KilluZiion named Slyp as a player to watch out for in the Division S qualifiers. He didn't disappoint on Celeb Gaming. Though his team had hot and cold streaks, Slyp continually performed on high-difficulty heroes. An all-around player, Slyp became a ton contender in the league.

Other finalists: Shot, Tempest, CorgiBooty

Good Guy of the League: Fury (Looking for Work)

Adding another award to his trophy case, Fury walks away with the Good Guy of the League award. Also called the Nice Guy Award by several players, Fury is an example of the finest individuals found in the Nexus.

Other finalists: Shot, Legacy, Keenan

All-Nexus Team:

Awarded to the top overall players at each respective position (although that word can be used fluidly in the NA meta), these players are the dream team of North America!

Tank: Fury (Looking for Work)

Healer: KilluZiion (The Lost Boys)

Ranged Assassin: Hosty (The Lost Boys)

Solo Lane: SwabsMcGoo (Looking for Work)

Flex: Casanova (Looking for Work)

Honorable Mentions:

Tank: Cattle (The Lost Boys), Shot (Order of the Sleeping Dragon). Healer: Darkchimaera (Looking for Work), Hooberman (Close to Death). Ranged Assassin: Droplets (Looking for Work), Cookieman (Close to Death). Solo Lane: Zergling (The Lost Boys), Evasion (Celeb Gaming). Flex: BloodSplat (Close to Death), Slyp (Celeb Gaming).


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