Nov 12, 2018 Lounge News

Season 8 has officially started. On Monday morning at midnight CET all North American and European teams got their first match assigned. These matches must be scheduled this week and played within two weeks of the matchmaking. 

Not all teams waited this long however, as the first match of the season between ScrapTheMeta and Aggressive bronzes was played that very same day, bringing in over a hundred viewers on our twitch channel. If your team has not yet scheduled a match or hasn’t reported the outcome just yet, please read our full scheduling and reporting matches guide to make sure nothing can go wrong in your quest of winning.

Every team competing in Heroes Lounge is responsible to have an active captain with the 'captain' discord role to relay important information to the rest of the team.

This new season also brings an updated version of our ruleset. For those completely familiar with it, here are the most important changes. I urge everyone to read through the complete works as a reminder before playing.

 Added NA timezones
 Clarified reasons for which pausing can be used
 Added a rule about determining the start of a pause / delay  
 Matches need to be scheduled in your local time
 MMR bounds for subs has been changed
 Amount of times a player can sub has been changed
 Casters can no longer be denied when they've been assigned on the calender  
 Issues with assigned casters must be discussed with the relevant manager
Code of conduct: 
 Added clarification about b-stepping and sprays
 Added a rule about moderator discretion when ruling on smurfs
 MMR bounds:  
 Updated seeding rule based on top 5 MMR in certain cases
 Updated the EU MMR bounds
 Added NA MMR bounds 

Our European league reached a new record this season with 7 divisions and its raised the question in our competition team on how to format the new playoff format. Last season divisions 1 and 2 competed against each other for the championship, and divisions 3, 4 and 5 competed for the cup. A similar format of neighbouring divisions competing is being considered, however there has also been talk about individual playoffs per division. To gauge the opinion of competing players a small survey has been made. Both EU and NA players are welcome to participate.

Finally we did not just start the season with more teams than ever before, but our group of volunteers, our staff, has never been bigger. Introducing NA staff in all teams and having expanded our EU staff as well I proudly present the entire team. Want to become part of this team? Fill out an application right here.


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