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Stream Team Update: Helping Our Casters

With our new stream team already settling in and keeping things flowing, we want to make sure the spotlight really shines on all the casters and co-casters in our league.

Introducing our two new initiatives!

– Caster Awards
– Co-Caster Week!

Caster Awards

At the end of the season, we have consistently highlighted our players and top-performing teams. In this same show of the Playoff Preview, we want to give awards to casters who have been showing the best of themselves this season as well!

Statistic Awards:

These awards will be given purely on a numbers basis for Season 17 games. 

Most Series Casted

Most Teams Casted

Most Divisions Casted

Creative Awards:

These awards require submission on clips into the #clips_lounge before the 2nd week of round 10!  Between then and the Playoff Preview, the Stream Team will decide 3 nominations for everyone to vote on during the Playoff Preview.

If you want to be in the running, make sure to get your chat clipping your great casting moments!

Best Duo

Some people just gel together, so if you know casters who are the equivalent of Honey and Lemon, get some of that smooth duo action in our #clip_lounge

Best Production Value

Some people work tirelessly on improving their stream, we want to recognise the effort those casters have put in!

Best Hype Moment

The players make great plays, but the caster can make that moment for everyone, send us your submissions for who makes any players feel THE GREATEST!

Best Rap God Moment

We love these moments where the caster just POPS OFF!

Rookie of the Season

Has a new caster caught your eye? Have they put the effort in and grown lots through the season? Let us know!

To make sure we see the clip in our #clip_lounge, tag @Stream Team and write what category you are submitting the clips for!

Co-casting future!

A few years ago, it was fairly usual to start out your casting journey as a co-caster joining someone who is already comfortable casting. As time has gone on this has become harder. To know who and to know how to get onto this stage. 

So we are doing two things,
- Changing up co-casting.
- Co-Caster Week

Changing up co-casting.

Starting next week, co-casters will become an open role anyone can sign up as in our new “Co-caster” Channel!

In this channel you can express your interest in co-casting, and casters looking for co-casters can ping @CoCaster to notify co-casters they are looking to take on a new talent!

Co-Caster Week

Starting Monday 7th for 7 days we are going to have a Co-Casting Week

We encourage co-casters to shout that they want to get involved!

Members of our Stream Team will look to pick up co-casters new and old. To lead the charge and have at least one stream every day you can come and cast with them!

Not only that, but we are encouraging our external casters to pick up some co-casters and guide them through the steps of producing some exciting Heroes of the Storm content!

We hope we can give you the confidence to make the content you want, when a game is cast, everyone wins! Teams can have their games watched by their friends, you get to make some great content for your friends and followers, and as always, have some fun all together.

See you on stream,

Transparent & the Stream Team.


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