Division S FAQ

Heroes Lounge Division S will be a high-level competition where the top teams from Europe and NA can compete in their own region.

Division S is a plan we've had sitting on a shelf for almost two years now. However with Open Division being the step between professional play and amateur play we never felt it was something the community needed. With the recent changes in the Heroes landscape and Open Division and HGC being cancelled the plan was taken off the shelf. We have a full team working around the clock to dust off this plan and make some minor changes to reflect the current state of the game.

We hope to attract some former pro players and inspire players to improve at the game. We understand that the pro scene as we had during HGC is dead, but we want to give the best players in the game a place to compete on their level and something to strive for.

So far several former pro players like Hasu, Mene and Zaelia as well as some former open division players have expressed their interest in playing.

Every penny of the money raised trough Matcherino will go to the players playing in division S, equally split between Europe and North America. There will be a pay out for every player participating and extra for the winning players. The exact distribution between the prize pool and the participation pay-out depends on the funds available for this season.

Matcherino does guarantee this by only allow paying out to people directly involved with the event like players, casters and moderators. This rule is in place to prevent organisations pocketing money for themselves.

It will be a round robin for a small number of teams, with every team playing each other at least once.The exact number of teams and rounds is still under discussion. Though 8-10 teams per region is likely.

We realise that crowdfunding will not be sustainable in the long run, so the moment we decided to launch Division S we reached out to several organisations. We are currently talking to ensure the financial support of this league for several seasons.

Heroes Lounge has a team of volunteers with a heartfelt love for this game. This means that no one in the organisation is being paid for their efforts in Division S. For the full list of Heroes Lounge volunteers please check out our staff page.

Via email on divisionS@heroeslounge.gg 

Via Discord: 

  • TinyOwl#8888 
  • Heartless#2138 
  • Eef#5578