Division S

Heroes Lounge is a home for everyone with an interest in playing Heroes of the Storm competitively. We believe that everyone should have a chance to experience the thrill of competition at their own level. 

We would like to confirm that we will run a season 2 of Division S. This news has taken a lot longer to get out than we initially planned. Our team has been working immensely hard on securing funding for season 2. Unfortunately we have not yet succeeded in doing so. While our team is still working on- and talking to several parties to make the sponsorship a reality, we decided to move forward without this for now.

This means that we will look at different ways of funding the prize pool. A part of this will be crowdfunding again. It would however be unrealistic to expect a similar prize pool without securing sponsorship.

This also brings some positives. Since we're not depending on a sponsor or a specific amount of content hours, we have more freedom formatting season 2. We have received feedback about the length of the season and have decided to shorten it to a single round robin for season 2. We will also re-evaluate the playoff format. If you have any feedback, anything you'd like to see changed make sure to hit us up! 

We apologise once again for the delay in the announcement and rest assured that our team is working hard to secure funding and make season 2 a success. 

Crowdfunding Link For EU - https://matcherino.com/t/eu-divs-s2

Crowdfunding Link For NA - https://matcherino.com/t/na-divs-s2 

If you’re interested in supporting the community and/or division S in a non-financial way please contact one managers or board members in our discord server. We’re looking for volunteers to make division S the best it can be.

More details such as dates will be released in a statement soon.


Heroes Lounge Division S is a high-level competition where the top teams from Europe and NA can compete in their own region.

We hope to attract some former pro players and inspire players to improve at the game. We want to give the best players in the game a place to compete on their level and something to strive for.

Every penny of the money raised trough Matcherino will go to the players playing in division S. There will be a pay out for every player participating and extra for the winning players. The exact distribution of the prize pool and participation pay-out depends on the funds available and will be announced before the start of the crucibles.
Matcherino does guarantee this by only allow paying out to people directly involved with the event like players, casters and moderators. This rule is in place to prevent organisations pocketing money for themselves.

The league will have a single round robin format, every team faces each other once in a Bo5 match. Meaning that the league will last 7 rounds, with a round per week. The top 6 teams will then enter the playoffs, a double elimination tournament. The bottom 2 teams from season 1 will have to fight for their spot in season 2, where the previous season 1 teams all have their spot secured.

Everyone who has a battle.net account and is registered on the Heroes Lounge website is allowed to participate. You will have to adhere to the Heroes of the Storm user guidelines and you can not change your battle.net account during the season. You can not participate in both Division S NA and Division S EU, you can, however, participate in the amateur league as well as Division S. If you're Division S staff you're not allowed to participate.

First of all you have to create an account on our website. (For this you’ll need a battle.net account and a discord account that has joined the Heroes Lounge discord server). You can then either join an existing team by being invited by the captain, or create your own team and invite your team members. Once your team has 5 players you can sign up for the qualifiers by going into your manage team page and tick on the qualifier weekends you want to join and press update participation. Important, all division S teams have to have exactly 5 players. You can add a coach/manager to the team and have them select this role on their profile. 

The open spots for EU will be decided by an 8 team crucible tournament. The participants will be made up of the 2 crucible teams from Season 1 and the top 6 teams based on points from the qualifiers cups.

The open places for NA will be decided by the winners of the 5 qualifier tournaments.

Details of all the qualifiers can be found in the following blog post - https://heroeslounge.gg/blog/post/division-s-qualifiers-update

The qualifiers for Season 2 will take place in November and December, with a view to the season starting in the new year.

A team must consist of 5 players. Players can not be part of multiple teams. Every team has to have a captain, the captain does not have to be a player for the team, so an owner, manager or coach can be added to the team as captain. In case your team runs into an issue the following sub-rules are in place:

A substitute can be put in place for a member of the team roster, this substitute and the team must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The request to use a substitute player must come from the captain
  • The team can only use substitutes up to three times per season
  • The substitute player must fulfil the eligibility requirements, and can not be a player from a different team participating in Division S. 
  • The substitute player may not play for more than one team per week. 
  • Heroes Lounge may allow additional substitutes in extreme circumstances
  • Substitutes must be reported to, and approved by, a Division S moderator. 


  • Teams participating in the qualifiers can use up to 1 substitute per qualifier weekend.

We realise that crowdfunding will not be sustainable in the long run, so the moment we decided to launch Division S we reached out to several organisations. We are currently talking to ensure the financial support of this league for several seasons.

Heroes Lounge has a team of volunteers with a heartfelt love for this game. This means that no one in the organisation is being paid for their efforts in Division S. For the NA side of Division S we have partnered up with NGS. Check out our full crew here.